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Title: A Year in Their Courts
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia

[personal profile] animus_wyrmis
Prompt: Hermione stumbles across a strange wardrobe in the Room of Requirement, and somehow ends up in Narnia. There, she meets a young king who makes her want to forget about her friends and old world, but is too noble to let her. Peter/Hermione
Pairings: Susan/Hermione, Peter/Hermione
Warnings: Some femmeslash.
Summary: Hermione steps into Narnia, and begins to forget--and to change, as she falls into Susan's bed and then into Peter's heart.

This is an instant rec, I just finished this and I'm in love. The author has a great style and she holds the story together so well, the charcterisations are particularly strong and the way she captures Narnia is so spot on. The Pevensie's are so distinct from each other and are elegant, regal and young. You really need to read this. 



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Someone please entertain me! I'm at that stage where you have just read some fantastic fic - and you need more - but there isn't any. And all you crave is THAT style of writing and THAT idea (and to a certain extent THAT pairing) and NOTHING else seems right. I was reading 

[personal profile] scoradh's NextGen fic The Road Next Travelled and its unfinished sequel Three Steps Back and I want more, and I want it now. Scoradh has this amazing character building ability and I have fallen in love with her nextgen characters and the world they live in - she has other fics and I've started some and they seem really good but I'm not in the mood for H/D right now (serious slash overload - possible? appartently!). 

I get like this too after finishing any of [personal profile] mad_martha's fics - she is a world creator, her insights to the characters and the details that her fics contain will just blow your mind. After finishing something like Two households or Checkmate you just don't think anything else can match up to that. 

So what have I been trying to entertain myself with tonight? Reading my old favourites over at fanfiction.net - seriously!? I had a BAD taste in fics - or maybe just a williness to forgo ICness for instant thrills. I also read a HUGE amount of buffy crossovers (actually I still do now, though I am hoping my idea of a 'good' fic has improved!) 

I'm also watching season two of Bones over at surfthechannel - I wanted to watched Studio 60, which I've seen up to episode 16, but they don't have a working link. Bones is a fantastic second choice. 

Comment to this post with a subject for a top five (ships, songs, books, etc) you would like to see my answer. I will post my answers in a separate entry. Be as specific or as broad as you'd like.

Entertain me DAMNIT!


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 I am royally PISSED off with Amazon.com, I've been ordering from them for years! I've NEVER had a problem with shipping, or recieving packages - they are usually on time, or even early! I must have taken it for granted because they are driving me INSANE. Packages don't come, or turn up two weeks late, or a MONTH late - like the DVDs that arrived today. [profile] xanyahas been having problems too - it must be their international shipping. I ordered VM3 dvd's for xanya for Christmas - when they didn't arrive in their estimated arrival period I gave amazon a ring - they said they would replace the DVDs and send them on their FASTEST shipping and it would arrive in 10 days, that 10 days finish THREE WEEKS AGO! In the meantime, while waiting for the replacement to arrive I got my first order. So now I have replacement DVDs sitting on my desk and apparently I have to PAY to send them back? WHAT?! Do they refund me for that too? God this is complete crap! I'm going to be all prissy and declare that I'm never ordering from them again, because I might pay a little more somewhere else but at least the dvds ARRIVE.  

Okay I'm all emotional because the packers are downstairs putting all my parents stuff in the shipping crate - they just packed up the lounge room, their bedroom, the dinning room and the kitchen table (not to mention all the stuff out in the hallway, which mum had put there from the attic, the garage, the bathroom and the kicthen cupboards). It doesn't seem real - my mum living, but it is because she doesn't have a bedroom anymore, and the loungeroom is empty except for the tv and she is living out of a suitcase! I can't beleive she leaves on Thursday. I wish I was going too, I hate being left behind - imagine! I could have packed up my room and being moving to GENEVA! But uni and everything comes first - and I'll be there next year. 

I need a hug.

I found new supernatural gen!case!fic to cheer me up. You should all go look at Tassos Accidental Documentaries, a interesting read told from the perspective of a fantasticaly written OC (don't run! it's worth it), that is a great look at teenager!dean and teenager!sam starting a new school. Summary: As Class Historian, Antonia is determined to make the best high school documentary her senior year that anyone has ever seen, but the first few weeks of school bring more to light than she ever expected when a freshman girl goes missing, the new kid Dean takes an interest, and old traumas may be the key to the present.


Feb. 24th, 2008 12:50 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] sam_storytelleris writing Torchwood fanfic. If this is not the best thing to happen since easter chocolate - I don't know what is. Because he is writing Torchwood fic. And writing it in a way that when I read it I can't breathe anymore. BECAUSE ITS PERFECT! Like perfect in a way that when you start reading it  you think 'this is brilliant!' and then it ends and IT'S BEYOND BRILLIANT. ITS LIKE MAGIC AND PUPPIES AND PERFECT THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME? Yeah? His Torchwood is like that! Because I seriously was NOT BREATHING at the end of them because breathing is distracting and I wanted to take it all in. He wrote my Torchwood, one that makes all the random bits from the show MAKE SENSE! because this fits*.

So go read! even if you have only seen an AD for Torchwood GO READ! because these fics really do make the day MORE awesome.

(I've only linked two here, but he has written a couple of others INCLUDING AN AWESOME MULTICHAPTERED DW/TW XOVER!) 

(bothe fics contain spoilers for 2.07)

A Man Not Alone
Spoilers: Through 2.07, Dead Man Walking
Summary: Ianto Jones knows why Jack is Torchwood's leader. Jack knows what Ianto Jones will be.

The Rules of Torchwood Three
Spoilers: Through 2.07. (yes, 2.07)
Imagine, if you will, a raw recruit to Torchwood, stood purposefully in front of a large whiteboard in a corner of the Hub.

"Memorize them," Ianto tells him, claps him on the shoulder, and wanders off.

*I seriously bastardised one of my reviews just now to make this rec, because I'm recycling! because I'm EARTH CONCIOUS!.
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I've discovered a way to indulge in my very random reading habits. I've been in need of a distraction lately and have been poking around yuletide, but I am so indecieve about what I want to read i just keep pressing the 'random story' link and magic! fic! I love how it dishes up the stuff I want!

Like lately I've been a bit pride and prejudice-y mood (mostly because of Prandan's fantastic stories) and random story tossed up: The End of the Honeymoon by Jane Elliot  post-book, just a brief, fluffy Darcy/Elizabeth fic.

Yesterday it gave me the most brilliant hitchhikers fic (that MUST have been recced everywhere post2003 onwards but I hadn't seen/read) The Galactic Miscellany by Rheanna. Haven't read it? YOU MUST! Have? READ IT AGAIN! It's perfect! 

Anything For Family by mirkat was next, a telling of the 12 Dancing Princesses from the oldest sisters POV, fantastic vioce with a great twisting of events post-fairy tale. 

unfortuantely at this point i got distracted by updates from fanfiction.net (yes, yes i know!) rali updated her Kore series (buffy/troy) and Tassos posted the last installement of the sequel of Bridges (one of the BEST Buffy crossovers on the internet) Slats: Moments in Time

Then I had to leave for work, but not before reading The Fingernail in a Ziplock Bag by [personal profile] crazywritinfoolwhich was linked on [community profile] crack_vanthis month and I've had set aside to read.

After I got home from work (taking twice as long as usual because of a paranoid fit that I didn't lock the door of work and driving BACK to check that I did (I do this about once a forenight - so, so paranoid!) and having to choose paint colours for the bathroom, which all looked excaltly the same - my mother is insane) I felt the need for some doctor who fic - so I reread [profile] cherryice's Leave The Light On and then thought about reading Worlds in Conjunction by marylane, one of my favourite DW fics, but instead got distracted by solitaire on my ipod and went to bed. Day in a life yeah?
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I'm doing work. no really I am. sorta - well if you count watching Stephen Colbert on youtube work. but I have a quick flyby crossver rec!

I have a slight obsession with crossovers. I can't help it! They are beyond addictive! And this one is one of the most awesome out there.

untitled series by Rali
Language, Catching, Running, Peril, Light, Want.

Things they say, and things they don't say.

It's BtVS/LotR. It's pre-books, its Buffy centeric. Don't let that scare you away. Don't skip it because it's on ff.net. This series will blow your mind. The first 6 stories are short, all less then 500 words, but the language in them is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, Rali is just amazing, she weaves emotions in emotions. Phlight is a WIP getting updating every couple of days, it has currently 25 short chapters. You need to read this, if there is one crossover you are going to read - its this.
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This meme gives me an excuse to do this:

So [profile] julester1is the awesome, did you know that? Though she is a horrid, wonderful bad influence (she was always like hey rosiesun watch the west wing, watch it! watch it now!) and she makes me happy in exams time cos she bemoans with me about the lack of fandom exam time brings! with messages! And love! She only mocks my choice of fandoms sometimes and you know, the whole west wing thing. And she believes that I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Also she is so Donna Moss - thus awesome. 

Why does end of exams bring lack of 'need to read that now!' fanfic feelings? I have five! five! windows open with GOOD fanfic, plus one HUGE page of doctor who recs by [personal profile] misscamhere , and yet I'm watching Tru Calling and writing spam like enteries and dreading work because it will take me away from my computer TWICE next week - I am pathetic. 

Oceans 11 fic - to pretty to be true.

So I'm feeling the crossover love. I've been reading them for YEARS and now I think I might compile a list of my favourite ones. Hmm, yes? 


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