Jan. 27th, 2008

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I've discovered a way to indulge in my very random reading habits. I've been in need of a distraction lately and have been poking around yuletide, but I am so indecieve about what I want to read i just keep pressing the 'random story' link and magic! fic! I love how it dishes up the stuff I want!

Like lately I've been a bit pride and prejudice-y mood (mostly because of Prandan's fantastic stories) and random story tossed up: The End of the Honeymoon by Jane Elliot  post-book, just a brief, fluffy Darcy/Elizabeth fic.

Yesterday it gave me the most brilliant hitchhikers fic (that MUST have been recced everywhere post2003 onwards but I hadn't seen/read) The Galactic Miscellany by Rheanna. Haven't read it? YOU MUST! Have? READ IT AGAIN! It's perfect! 

Anything For Family by mirkat was next, a telling of the 12 Dancing Princesses from the oldest sisters POV, fantastic vioce with a great twisting of events post-fairy tale. 

unfortuantely at this point i got distracted by updates from fanfiction.net (yes, yes i know!) rali updated her Kore series (buffy/troy) and Tassos posted the last installement of the sequel of Bridges (one of the BEST Buffy crossovers on the internet) Slats: Moments in Time

Then I had to leave for work, but not before reading The Fingernail in a Ziplock Bag by [personal profile] crazywritinfoolwhich was linked on [community profile] crack_vanthis month and I've had set aside to read.

After I got home from work (taking twice as long as usual because of a paranoid fit that I didn't lock the door of work and driving BACK to check that I did (I do this about once a forenight - so, so paranoid!) and having to choose paint colours for the bathroom, which all looked excaltly the same - my mother is insane) I felt the need for some doctor who fic - so I reread [profile] cherryice's Leave The Light On and then thought about reading Worlds in Conjunction by marylane, one of my favourite DW fics, but instead got distracted by solitaire on my ipod and went to bed. Day in a life yeah?


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