Dec. 6th, 2008

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I'm in Spain! Hi! From Spain! I've been here a week, down on the Mediterranean coast doing the roadtrip thing with my parents and sister. My dad took a week off work (big thing for him!) so we could do a family trip. It was enjoyable - except the part where I got sick. Seriously - why now!?! I had to spend a day in bed being grumpy and sleeping and then a couple of days being snotty and grumpy. But at least, what with traveling with the parentals, I didn't have to pay for anything and we had a car. Though driving in Spain - insane, the streets a smaller then the car, well that’s what it seems like!

The parents left to head back home to Geneva this morning, saying goodbye at a horribly early 8am. I just grunted at them and went back to sleep. Little Sis and I moved out very, very heavy bags out of the expensive hotel and into the cheap youth hostel on the other side of town, by foot! We are too cheap to do the bus thing. We got lost and I nearly died. But the dorm is nice and we went to the cathedral and played 'spot the horrible fashions, the children dressed exactly the same and the fake designer bags' for an hour - because we were too lazy to line up to go into the cathedral. 

Seriously - the parental need to dress kids in exactly the same outfit is fairly strong in Spain or maybe just Europe in general? We saw like 16 pairs (sometimes three kids!) in matching outfits! Why? Why!?

Okay, onto other adventures


Involved a Sound of Music tour and lots of bad sing, dancing and posing for pictures in ridiculous positions (mind of the gutter! this is a PG movie!). There also might have been some skipping. We saw first snow! it was pretty! and cold! until it was just cold and inconvenient (like when we trudged for three k in the snow looking for McDonalds) There was also Christmas markets and playing H&M vs. McDonalds (McDonalds won 5/7), eating chocolate crepes for dinner two nights in a row (shut up) and also the Opera.

Look a my cultural creds! We saw Salome and it was beautiful and the singing was so pretty and we had little screens with subtitles in English so we knew what was going on! and we paid less for the tickets then we paid for Breakfast - 3 Euro! So worth it!


Well, really it’s been less travelling around Switzerland then bludging in Geneva at my parents. Comfy beds! Internet! Shopping! It's been so fantastic seeing my parents, it’s been like 11 months! I have missed them so much and it so great just to see them every day! And speaking to them! Plus mum's cooking! How awesome! But it is kind of weird coming 'home' again after living nearly, kind of, independently for a year. I don't think I could go back to living full time with mum and dad, I like doing things my own way to much! Luckily what with Sweden and then the end of uni when I get home, and mum and dad mostly certainly staying in Switzerland for another couple of years, I don't think this will happen!

Hmm, that is the end of my adventures so far - I mean not really, I haven't said much about Spain, but  whatever. Little Sis and I are off to Madrid tomorrow, and the France next week. Then Germany, then back to Switzerland for Christmas and then England for Hamlet! And then Cardiff for New Years and the Sweden! for uni. Whoo!

(Inbetween various adventures had a breakdown and declared I was not going to Sweden. Stupid mountains of paperwork and visas, and medical tests and police checks and whatever. Am back on track - hopefully another one won't happen until at least Feb) 


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