Apr. 9th, 2008

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Warning: this post reveals a shocking truth.

I learnt a valued life lesson today, a very important one, one that all should take note of and think about avoidng in the future - maybe even pass on to the grandchildren:

boiling water to the face is about as fun as it sounds.

This was hard learnt tonight and has left (temporary) physical evidence - a reminder, I suppose, to try and avoid doing it again. The incident involved unsafe actions with a wooden spoon and some unbending spagetti, which resulted in me splashing myself in my open eye with boiling SALTY water. Yummy. My eye is fine, the skin around it is slightly red and I'll have a mark for a couple of days and a cool story to pick up chicks with.

But its not all positives! it hurt like a hurty thing until I put paw paw cream on it. and having a shower tomorrow will be painful.

Now I know that my discovery will be a SHOCKING truth and you might wish to deny it - because boiling water to the face could be the next 'cool thing' - like boom boxes and dinasours but believe - but beware! it actually isn't a good idea.
(this is an extract from my most current book in my 'boiling water: not as innocent as it looks' undercover, non-fiction 'hard truths revealed' series - a set of hardcover books that set out to inform the public that boiling water is not a play thing. the previous book is titled 'hot water bottles: steam dens of hell' and can be found all no good bookstores in your local area.)   

My brain seems to have lost the little ability it had to punucate with any class at all - and maybe even write in English. Is this the result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Find out in the next exciting edition!

(this post was brought to you today by the letter V, which appeared 12 times and is feeling more popular then ever.)


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