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Gosh I feel like absolute crap, I'm blaming it on the pills I'm popping - well popped last night... and no not those kind of pills, medication new fun!pills that are not so fun - I think I'm having a bad reaction to them, I woke up last night, after having dream I was at work and making smoothies with too much coconut milk, with such a feeling of nausea that I spent the next hour and a half sitting on my bathroom floor waiting for either the feeling to subside or for me to throw up - the later happened followed by the former. I went back to bed and kind of slept until 8.30. Work was so not an option today but now I'm feeling kind of guilty as well as sick. Stupid sickness.

But I also got flowers today - which was of the good, a huge, pretty, shiny bunch wrapped in crinkly pink paper - delivered from my all time favourite florist to me, which is just cool by itself, they're from a family friend as a congratulations for doing so well on VCE, now I'm all with the happy, though still feeling kind of sick.

Damnit! I want to see the rest of S3 of The West Wing, I got the first half last week but someone borrowed the rest! And what’s worse I don't have the money to get the rest of the season tonight! Why, oh why doesn't my library invest in The West Wing? Stupid book lovers.

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My nose is running and my eyes are watering and I feel like crap - so I'm going up to my granddads to spend a couple of days hopefully getting some early nights and doing some relaxing.... which means homework really - so not that relaxing actually. I have so much reading to get done - mostly in the English and Classics areas but also some memoriesing of my old essays. Fun.  The rest of the horde are coming up to, minus the big sister who has many getting drunk plans she can't afford to cancel.

I'm coming back Wednesday because Thursday Serenity comes out (Ican'tbreatheI'msoexcited) and I have to prepare myself for much fangirling - t-shirts must be printed on, squeeling must be done and episodes must be watched again.   


So anyone want to rec me some good fic?  I'm in the mood for some Firefly - any pairing, any genre - I don't care I just want to read some pretties.



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