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I'm having a really, really shit day, like breaking out in tears, hysterical shit day, everything keep breaking, or is broken - I hate my computer, I hate the weather, I hate driving and I hate my dad. My computer is so fucked up at the moment and I can't even fix it because I don't know how, I can't ask my dad because he blames me, gets angry at me, yells at me when this happens - its not my fault the way our stupid, fucking system is set up - its not my fault, or maybe it is but I can't fix it, I don't want to deal with this now - I don't want to deal with anything now.
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Life's crazy and insane, and joyful and sad, and horrible- why does everything come at once?

  • Yesterday I finished my last exam, politics, and it went okay. Actually most of my exams went really well, Classics was the hardest, I felt a lot of pressure to get it so perfect but I think I did okay. Photography and Art were better, I actually had FUN in my Art exam, which I'm so sure is against the universes rules or something but it was fun to do. So anyway I am now, officially not a High School student anymore. I'm not a student anymore - that is so unbelievably weird... Well I'm not a student anymore until January when I find out if I got into any Uni courses.
  • My great-gran died last Saturday; she just went downhill after we went to visit her the Tuesday before. I didn’t get to go to the funeral, I had a exam that day and my Politics one the day after, I didn't have enough time. That sounds horrible. It was a beautiful funeral though and lots of people turned up. The next day my mum and aunty went through her jewelry box - my sister picked out a glass-beaded necklace for me - its nice having something of hers.
  • My granddad is also sick - he went into emergency this morning because of on going health problems and was admitted this afternoon - They say its not very serious and he will be okay. please please please be okay.
  • I start my new job at Boost next week; I have to go to smoothie school before I start though - to learn all the juice making moves. Julia also has been offered a job there, I hope she takes it... it will be awesome to work with her.
  • I also start getting immunization injections next week for Kenya - Oh the fun I will have with those! I hate needles... saids the girl who hopes to be a nurse.
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Life is fucked up at the moment and it's not getting any better. I want to scream - but I won't because it's too damn hot, summer weather has started and is beating down with a vengence.

Good luck to end of year exam people, especially [livejournal.com profile] xanya and [profile] raskol_nikov, and people starting NaNoWrMo - you can do it! *is all cheerleady*

The new 'My LJ' is weird.

I hate waiting for exams to start. I hate waiting full stop.
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my great-gran is very, very sick, they don't believe she'll survive till the end of november - she's too old, too sick for them to perform the surgery she needs. mum is going up to sale tomorrow to see her. i don't know what to feel, what to say, what to do, i don't want her to suffer, i don't want her to die. but she's gone already.

i did my first exam today, english this morning for three hours, i think i did okay - english is over with forever now, high school is almost over forever - 15 days till my last exam.

i'm going to lose myself in a movie.    


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