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Okay, so yes. I'm Absent Gal! The new dodgy Superhero on the block. Now the excuse of jetlag has dried up - can I use the start (MY FIRST YEAR) of university as the reason? Because that would be shiny! And have the added bonus of being true. 

Okay. You  have ALL let me down! Yes. Feel the guilt! Spank yourselves sorry and buy me something pretty because I was lead to believe, but those OLDER and somewhat (non)WISER then myself that uni was a BREEZE! I have discovered that this is, infact, NOT TRUE. It's hard! and MIND NUMBING! And my lectures are sleep worthy! HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME! but DO NOT FEAR! I'm still having fun. somehow. amongst all the science. yes! SCIENCE! tremble in my soon to be a nurse presence. I get to play with SHARP things. And dead body's. Ha! 

anyhow. Onto something less wordy and more... pretty! And photograph like! The following are just from my shitty little digital. Film ones will come later.


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I promised photos and so now I deliver. A small selection of my Kenyan photos.   


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May. 2nd, 2005 07:31 pm
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boring day, aren't they all? formal talk has eaten everyones brains. who is taking who. what are we wearing. music. after party. before party. Peter is playing match maker, Vanessa is blushing, Tessa wants more shoes, Peter is still match making, now Harry and Vanessa are blushing, Max has been roped into the match making, Nigel is coupling people by their hair colour, Amy is putting up posters and Vanessa is threatening to stab Peter.

So I have pictures from artcamp.

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Homework free this evening. correction. rose is living in denial this evening.

Crossing Jordan on tonight *spins in circles very, very fast* I'm so excited. Last weeks episode was soooo good, I even made an icon of the last scene, such a lovely, lovely scene at the end.

I have icons which I will later, icontests ones mostly but some Firefly ones and some Buffy ones. [livejournal.com profile] xanya has inspired me with her very cool and pretty icons.

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I've had one of those weeks where you wish you just stayed in bed for all of it, or locked yourself in your room and become pale from staring at the computer screen. I think I'm just missing holidays - going into withdrawal and all of that. Thank the whatever for the three day weekend.

In Alias in Australia news I got sent an article by a friend in Queensland which basically said channel Seven will be starting show Alias season four in Australia in June, confirmed by channel Seven's programming director apparently, the article was kinda wacky because it also indicated that Alias would start in the middle of the television season - okay not so much with the news but I'm starting to feel hope that we might get it before Christmas *crosses fingers* 

Firefly movie trailer coming soon*twirls in circles* [livejournal.com profile] sarkastic has got the statement from Joss here.

So we had Rainbow Lorikeets in out almond tree and I played with my camera.

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