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UNESCO just named Melbourne as its second City of Literature, this makes me so gleeful - and just three days before the Melbourne Writers Festival! I'm having some serious library withdrawals (having been on hospital clinicals for the past two weeks) - especially after this article titled Hot Library Smut. The pictures made my sister and I sigh, and I promised I would drag her to the couple we could get to while in Europe.

Has anyone been to some fantastic libraries in Europe that I must see? Or infact anything I must see? I'm going to be mostly in the Switzerland area, with side trips to the UK, Austria, Prague, Greece and Turkey (again! with my lil sis and mother, but only if there isn't aren't anymore bombings) and then to Sweden (maybe Russia! Poland! Germany!) and Denmark for uni.

I've already decided I am going to do the Sound of Music tour, go and see all the chocolate factories in Switizerland and be a huge fangirl and go to Zurich to find Sloane (I know! I know!).

The thing I am can't!breathe excited about is the fact that I am going to see HAMLET! My favourite favourite Shakespeare with David Tennant. 

[profile] xanya and I will be fangirling it out to the max, and scaring her poor cousin who is coming with us. We are going boxing day and we have our tickets and seriously? Best christmas EVER! 

So libraries?

(Still haven't heard from my uni about Sweden - waiting, waiting, waiting for the go ahead email (go ahead to apply for the uni, unfortuantly not go-ahead to go!) hopefully they will email us tomorrow.)


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I'm about to eat the last of my Easter chocolate, which makes me sad that Easter is over. For a WHOLE year. *tear* Goodbye elegant bunny.

*goes back to studying muscles* I'm being productive! Really


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