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Okay, so yes. I'm Absent Gal! The new dodgy Superhero on the block. Now the excuse of jetlag has dried up - can I use the start (MY FIRST YEAR) of university as the reason? Because that would be shiny! And have the added bonus of being true. 

Okay. You  have ALL let me down! Yes. Feel the guilt! Spank yourselves sorry and buy me something pretty because I was lead to believe, but those OLDER and somewhat (non)WISER then myself that uni was a BREEZE! I have discovered that this is, infact, NOT TRUE. It's hard! and MIND NUMBING! And my lectures are sleep worthy! HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME! but DO NOT FEAR! I'm still having fun. somehow. amongst all the science. yes! SCIENCE! tremble in my soon to be a nurse presence. I get to play with SHARP things. And dead body's. Ha! 

anyhow. Onto something less wordy and more... pretty! And photograph like! The following are just from my shitty little digital. Film ones will come later.


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I'm baaaack!

And have been for a couple of days. But the jetlag excuse is still good, I'm using it until it runs dry! Buuuuuut enough about boringness. BECAUSE I WENT TO INDIA!! AND HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!  Three weeks was very much too short! But so much fun was still had. Rajathsan was AMAZING, I didn't see Goa but Agra was a let down (BUT the Taj is everything and more then everything everyone always says) but Delhi was amusing, and not just because the hotel I stayed in was called Goodtimes Hotel. 

 I have pictures, and stories (rum, traffic, pirates, fangirl dreams, camel safari, rickshaw driving, pimp my rickshaw, snakes, birds, snoring, rum, hawkers, growling, temples, forts, palaces, tv, bollywood, henna tattoos, rat temples, snake temples, crossing roads, don't worry, be happy, chicken curry!). 

BUT all will have to wait until I find my camera lead, in the shambles of what USED to be my room. My parents decided to recarpet and packed up my room. Kindly thay didn't unpack it, I've misplaced everything - camera lead included. 

So hold onto your hats a little longer, I'm baaack with love to share but no pretties to give - yet. While I desperately look, I plan to download ALL THE TV I HAVE MISSED!!  Veronica Mars! BSG!! House! Supernatural! Gilmore Girls! And read old school fics (hello Buffy/Angel - it so nice to visit you again!). So you see I will be searching hard. 

But I'm baaaack! So sing from the rafters! And anything else you feel is an appropriate welcome for one such as me. 

(heroes is pretty! why are there no screencaps when I demand them - why do I have to LOOK?! God my life is hard. *bats eyelashes* pretty please someone send me a link to an archieve! *big smoochy kisses*)  

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Hi guys. You won't (most likely, maybe) be hearing from me for a while. This is my goodbye! seeya later! isn't it GRAND that I'm going to INDIA!! post. I leave tomorrow morning, and won't be back until the 14th of Feb.

I LEAVE TOMORROW MORNING FOR INDIA. So surreal. a little bit of freaking out going on over here.

I actually had quiet a few dramas with my India trip - which I forgot to tell you about because I have become full, outright, deeply madly in love with Torchwood. (deargodijustwwatchedthefinaland *dies*). But I'm going, soon. Freaking out but going. I'll come back and share the photopretties and telkl you about my insanity when given free reign in the bazzaars.  

Don't have too much fun without me. I forbid it. 

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So it all started off like this:
Carley (while in Kenya): Wouldn't it be awesome if we could travel in Asia together when we get back.
Me: OMG*squee* Yes! The pretty! Just think of the pretty! 
Carley: And the food!
Me: And the hot accent backpacker BOYS.
Carley: Men Rose.
Me: Whatever! Manly parts! Accents! I'm in!
And then:
Carley (in Melbourne): So Tricia is travelling in Asia, wouldn't it be cool to meet up there?
Me: VOLUNTEER MEET UP!! With only three volunteers. Sounds beyond awesome
Carley: I thought so.
Me: Asia is so shiny.
Carley: So India?
Me: Shiny.
Carley: Okay I have booked. Tricia has booked, we leave in a month. 
Me: No! I'm excited! Booked too! YAY!
Me: OMGWTFBBQKJSDHSDKDSKFD? A MONTH?! WHAT?!? Freaking out a little *runs off to freakout online*
friendslists: *implodes* *carry's on as usual*

So, okay I took some dramatic lience but that is almost how it went down. Actually it would make a great film. Almost as good as my mini-series about my adventures with a boy named Boyce (who's name I found in my phone book. I don't know any Boyce's though, it's either the love of my life who I have forgotten due to a tragic head injury OR the misspelling of a old friends name. I think the first option is MUCH more likely). Boyce incidently looks just like David Anders, just as a side note.

ANYHOW. So. I'm going to India (India! INDIA! INDIA!! *dies* *is freaking out. still*) on Jan 20/21st. Coming back somewhere between Feb 12th/16th. I have booked my Intrepid bit, I have got insurence but no Visa, no plane ticket. But its not like they are important or anything. So yeah. I'm freaking out. Way excited but... freaking out. I mean, I like travelling and I'm going to India! And I'm going with people I have heaps of fun with... but I am still freaking out. STOP IT ROSE. I'm going insane. (SHUT UP [profile] xanya!)

Also, on a totally unrelated topic. [profile] xanyaand I are currently having a gang war... cos. Well people not from the 'hood don't have the balls to understand. But let it be known that I do so kick her arse. And Syd and Vaughn are not meant to be. And Donna thinks she smells. She told me so. Yo! Your Mama. 

And on the hip and utterly cool note I'm signing off. Peace out.


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