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Hi, everybody. I missed you guys a lot. Sorry it took so long to get back from my mission-mission, but I had to wait out the train ride which took forever and then the shopping. Well, I think my mission went very well. I, uh, I got lots of presents, which are very cool, and, uh... uh, played some amusing games, and—oh! We got some new information. You know what? I really need to urinate.

Okay I'll stop channeling my inner Andrew. Christmas was fun, I got DVDs - more West Wing, House and Battlestar Galactica and I brought Dead Like Me today, Oh! and some shiny clothes. I also ate to much food and not enough chocolate, which was disappointing - the chocolate I mean, not the food.

I also saw Narnia which I loved sooo much. I have to see it again. It was shiny and amusing and pretty and the only problem I had was I thought the animals should be bigger - aren't animals in Narnia meant to bigger the earth animals? Am I wrong? But I loved the beavers anyway and the queen, even which her funky clothes, rocked my world.


Now I have a craving for Narnia fic. Rec me Narnia fic. please!

In return I will rec you my new favourite Narnia fics, if you haven't read you should. right. now. [livejournal.com profile] sloanesomething has written four character fics. boys and Lipsticks.   Delight.    Through The Doors.   What She Found There


Also, a question. I have some .avi files I want to watch, do I have to watch them on DivX? Or is there something else? Something better?

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Christmas Cards! Yes, this year I've decided to join the holiday spirit and do Christmas Cards, or Holiday Cards if you don't do Christmas. Actually I don't really DO Christmas, not the spiritual side, I do the food, the family and the presents side though. Opps! getting sidetracked.

So if you would like a card, Christmas or otherwise, leave your address in a comment, all comments are screened and I'll get with the carding. Though if you don't live on the Big Rock, otherwise known as Australia, it’s likely that your cards will arrive a little early - because cards’ arriving late is so not cool.

In other exciting news Summer Programming has been released. Veronica Mars most likely starts in early Dec. We might be getting back Smallville, but Summerland *gag* could be shown instead and NCIS is back. I'm already loving summer.

Also an article: (Ten picks up some discards from Nine). It mentions Supernatural, Ten has picked up Supernatural. I think we might be getting Supernatural here. *is in shock* I love Ch10. (no not really, okay sometimes. we have a difficult relationship) 

Also unfortunately Big Brother is a go-ahead for next year, will the reality insanity ever end?


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