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Exam stress and general grumpiness have started to set in! Some inpressive door slamming just happened, even after my sister brought me lollies (lollies that if I eat today will make me through up - Wednesday is 'Eat Junk Til You Feel Sick' Day - six hours of lectures straight in the same lecture thearte does that to a girl) but mum just rang and it cheered me up, after an almost cry to her on the phone. I miss having her around, I loved to rant and rave at her about my lecturers and my assignments - she understood and was always on my side (for other reasons as well obviously!). But yeah, that was nice - parents have been in Russia for the last couple of days and head off again somewhere else in a week! And when they are out of Geneva it is hard for them to ring home - so we haven't spoken to them in a while - I miss them so much!

I booked my ticket to Eruope for November! I leave on the 25th and if I don't go to Sweden I come home on the 30th, with a week stop over in New York! If I do go to Sweden I will most likely spend a month in America in August and be home for school start in September! I'm getting really excited about Sweden, and am wishing and hoping it gets approved - I just have to start my 500 word application statment, which for someone who knows what she wants is surpisingly hard to do without sounding like a hack. 

Okay Eddie is making Pad Thai which is making me happy! It smells yum! And I'm slightly more calm which is nice.  I'm going to eat.
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 I am royally PISSED off with Amazon.com, I've been ordering from them for years! I've NEVER had a problem with shipping, or recieving packages - they are usually on time, or even early! I must have taken it for granted because they are driving me INSANE. Packages don't come, or turn up two weeks late, or a MONTH late - like the DVDs that arrived today. [profile] xanyahas been having problems too - it must be their international shipping. I ordered VM3 dvd's for xanya for Christmas - when they didn't arrive in their estimated arrival period I gave amazon a ring - they said they would replace the DVDs and send them on their FASTEST shipping and it would arrive in 10 days, that 10 days finish THREE WEEKS AGO! In the meantime, while waiting for the replacement to arrive I got my first order. So now I have replacement DVDs sitting on my desk and apparently I have to PAY to send them back? WHAT?! Do they refund me for that too? God this is complete crap! I'm going to be all prissy and declare that I'm never ordering from them again, because I might pay a little more somewhere else but at least the dvds ARRIVE.  

Okay I'm all emotional because the packers are downstairs putting all my parents stuff in the shipping crate - they just packed up the lounge room, their bedroom, the dinning room and the kitchen table (not to mention all the stuff out in the hallway, which mum had put there from the attic, the garage, the bathroom and the kicthen cupboards). It doesn't seem real - my mum living, but it is because she doesn't have a bedroom anymore, and the loungeroom is empty except for the tv and she is living out of a suitcase! I can't beleive she leaves on Thursday. I wish I was going too, I hate being left behind - imagine! I could have packed up my room and being moving to GENEVA! But uni and everything comes first - and I'll be there next year. 

I need a hug.

I found new supernatural gen!case!fic to cheer me up. You should all go look at Tassos Accidental Documentaries, a interesting read told from the perspective of a fantasticaly written OC (don't run! it's worth it), that is a great look at teenager!dean and teenager!sam starting a new school. Summary: As Class Historian, Antonia is determined to make the best high school documentary her senior year that anyone has ever seen, but the first few weeks of school bring more to light than she ever expected when a freshman girl goes missing, the new kid Dean takes an interest, and old traumas may be the key to the present.


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