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Question: Battlestar Galactica S3 is set to be released in the US in March right? Then why is it on the shelves in Australia already? Has anyone brought the Australian version? Does it lack some things the US version has promised - like special features?

I'm conflicted whether to buy it now, or wait and order it off Amazon.

Also my $60 doctor Who S2 is in the mail! Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow! And Bones is on its way! (I totally blame [profile] julester1for my overload in dvd buying. such a bad influence!)
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So silence has been the drug of choice these past couple of weeks, to be honest shit all is happening in my part of the world - melbourne stop being exciting when uni started again *sob sob* all my friends have LEFT me!! *cues violins* and here I thought deferring would be a BIG adventure, but except for the travelling part its been rather straight laced. Though that could be because I'm trying to hold down 4 (I sort of accidentally picked up another job) jobs - its not as fun as it sounds, though the money is good!

Speaking of money - or rather what I can buy with it, I've been on a bit of a amazon rampage - I got my debit card, so shiny! and have been ordering like MAD, Veronica Mars S2, Dead Like Me S2, House S2, Supernatural S1. It so the most shiniest thing to think about all my DVDs flying my way (soon they will be anyway).

I was most disappointed when I discovered the 10th doctor wasn't on dvd yet, well not on amazon usa anyway - its on the uk site but - OMG IT'S $111.50 AUST!!! ARE THEY WAY BEYOND INSANE!! WHAT THE HELL! I HATE THE POUND.

OH! WAIT! I did do something way beyond exciting on Tuesday night - I saw Snow Patrol in concert!! I got tickets for my birthday and dragged a willing [profile] xanya along. We had such the most AWESOME time in the world, the band was beyond fantastic - i was in a puddle of goo by the end - Gary seriously could just talk to me for hours and I would die happy. They played so well, and they played chocolate which is one of my favourite songs.  I unfortunately didn't steal one of my sisters camera's and therefore couldn't take any photos, such a bummer.

The support ban 'Starky' cracked me up, the lead singer was the funniest dancer I have ever seen - he looked like a cross between Elvis, a duck and a serial killer robot. And I mean that in the kindest way possible - we had a most amusing time watching them. 

Throughout the night I had to watch my back - [profile] xanya was plotting to kill me (she might be still doing so, if you haven't heard from me in a while just assume she has succeeded and I am dead. Oh! I so should make one of those 'If you listening to this it means I am deaded.' tapes!) because of several well placed comments about TWW - in  particular teasing her about Josh and Donna - and the love square the obviously happens later in S7 where Josh and Donna are split up because of the involvement of Toby and Will, because seriously folks even I can see (and this is not having seen any of the 7th season) that Donna and Will are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER and will have like 103 kids and live out west. Josh will be heartbroken and will have desperate rejection sex with Toby and then totally snub him in the morning which will lead to the world ending at the hands of a slighted Toby, along with his trusty sidekick CJ - they wear masks and have capes and everything! Meanwhile Jed dances around the oval office in a dress. 1 IN EVERY 40 MEN PEOPLE!!. 

See can't you totally see that happening?? (don't kill me, don't kill me)

So, ah yeah. I'm not insane. Quick! need a distraction

*runs around naked*

So, oh! icons! 

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