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Three Weeks in Three Dot Points

  • Started my next round of clinicals at one of the BIG hospitals, I was lucky enough to be placed in the Liver Transplant and Gastro Unit ward. Had a awesome, interesting, sad and stressful time. I only fainted once! GO TEAM ROSE! And I did interesting things like doing an ECG (heart monitor! electrodes! yay!), pulling out a Centeral Vascular Catheter (which is in the NECK! and which tip rests in the HEART! And I pulled it out! Like not by accident - as a procedure! WHOO!), doing obs! (whoo! good times! so boring!) and pulling out other stuff. Also showering people. And writing notes. And eating a HUGE amount of chips.
  • Turned 21! Like Two weeks ago - and I did NOTHING! I mean I went out for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner the day before. But on the actual day I had a AM shift at the hospital which started at 7AM (which meant getting up at 5.40! IT WAS STILL DARK OUTSIDE! ) and when I got home my sister made me chicken soup and [profile] xanyacame over and we watched TV. OMG STOP THE PARTY ANIMAL THAT IS ME!. A week later I went out for dinner with the uni girls for pizza and drinks and then got lost in St Kilda (who knew!? It CAN be done!!) at 9.30 at night. GOOD TIMES!  

    I might have spent the week following my birthday watching the My Little Pony movies on youtube! BECAUSE I AM A ADULT AND I CAN. So there!
  • I got my exam results. I actually got them on my birthday (lovely present!) and I did well, I get to keep my HD average which makes me beyond happy! And it makes me getting into Malmo so much closer!  I hear next week which makes me HAPPY!EXCITED!SCARED! I will be going to Europe anyway (I head out 10th of Nov!) but doing a semster in Sweden would make me BEYOND HAPPY.

I am going to bed, so tired.

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I'm Old! Well older because today is Bastille Day which means I turn another year older. 19 doesn't feel any different from 18.  

So Happy Birthday To Me! 

I expect you all to eat chocolate, sacrifice virgins, start a war, build a city and make a cake in my honour. And since its already 11.27pm my time you have only got 33 minutes to do it so QUICK JUMP! *cracks whip* Thank you all who have given me birthday wishes and I'm quiet sure that wasn't proper English but my brain is tired and I'm a little sick so it gets to be not proper because I SAY SO BECAUSE ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. Hah! Hows that for logic batman! 

I actually did make icons to celebrate this wondrous occasion (the parade held in my honour was just too small time obviously, as was the statue of me) but photobucket is down again and I'm too lazy and to set in my ways to find somewhere else to host them. So it will be like a postbirthday thing. Like Boxing Day. But without the cricket. 

Also I'm cool.


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