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So my digestive systems lecturer (oh yes! we are up to the fun! parts of the body!) is a wanna be JK. Seriously... my next lecture is entitled 'The Liver and the Fate of the Absorbed Nutrients!'. Catchy no? I know I personally can't wait for the instalment! 

On Sunday I woke up as a smurf. Blue from the hips down, I thought I had badly bruised myself and just not, you know, have noticed. But no, the culprit ended up being a pair of raw demin jeans. So mundane and disappointing. Actually it's been a disappointing week really, I'm most upset at the lack of dramas - no wait, work was dramas! but work is always dramas! so that doesn't count. By the way - quit for me please? Thanks very much.

In honour of the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I give you a recipe: 
Mars Bar slice
Serves . Prep minutes
Cooking time
  • 3 Mars Bars
  • 90 gm of butter + 30 gms of butter for topping
  • 3 cups of rice bubbles
  • 200gm of milk chocolate
Melt the Mars Bars and butter together in a heat proof bowl over boiling water. Add the rice bubbles and stir until combined. Place in a greased slice pan. Melt the milk chocolate and 30 gm of butter in a heat proof bowl over boiling water stirring to keep them combined. Spread on top of the rice bubble mixture. Refrigerate until set. Then cut into serving sized slices.

Perfect comfort food. Start your week off the right way.
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The wind is blowing so hard at the moment, it making everything is my room go batcrazy and it's AWESOME. Seriously - Melbourne storms are teh BOMB (see how groovy I am kids!) - but I had several Monroe moments with my skirt blowing up (which by the way - awesome skirt, black and floaty and $12.50!). I'm hoping for a thunderstorm - which they promised us (they being the weather bureau, my dad included) since NYE and STILL hasn't come! This wind looks promising. I neeeeeed to stop talking about the weather. Seriously. I can't help it though - It's in the blood! 

2007 is going to be an awesome television year. Heroes and Ugly Betty are both coming to Australia (I was hoping for Dexter, Which [profile] callmedaisy did a pretty (slightly disturbing) picspam here, but  sadly no.) It should be fun times ahead. Not to mention the return of Veronica Mars, Studio 60, House, Supernatural, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Gilmore Girls. AND NEW DOCTOR WHO!! I saw the Christmas special and I COULDN'T breathe I was so excited. 

 Do you know what is a CRIME?!? They don't have last seasons DW as a box set in Australia yet. They sell the disks SEPERATLEY!! At $30 dollars a DISK! I could buy the UK box set for the same price. Seriously I hate Australian DVD's - they lack special features - they always come in UGLY and IRRITATING slim sets - I love the BIG DVD sets you used to buy - I have Buffy S1-S6 in the two parter, three disks sets. They are SO awesome, and SO SHINY.
And the sets I get from Amazon are even prettier! With the dust jacket things?! BRILLIANT!! Australia is CRAP - and they wonder why we downloaded things off the net and buy from overseas. Idiots.

Speaking of idiots. Work. I love my job, I do. BUT creepy icky guys, are so NOT OF THE FUN. I saw spared the pain of the creepy!dorks (who thankfully decided NOT to make an appearance), but we had the russian in (since 11am) who had been drinking heavy spirits ALL DAY had was in a very creepy, drunken state - he tried to convert me to worshiping the devil. I respectfully declined on the bases of worshiping to many Ancient Greek Gods to hold another in my heart. At least we had no violence this time, and I DIDN'T break any glasses. 

I volunteered my services as the driver to go pick up my sister at 1am - I'm usually up til then anyway - but now I've said that all I want to do is go to sleep. I hate it when that happens. Like this afternoon - I got home from work (hot and exhausted) to an empty house, I couldn't find the Good Weekend, couldn't get the VCR working (couldn't watch WEEDS!) and couldn't be bothered getting lunch together. So I lay under the fan, on the blissfully cold hardwood, and went to almost!sleep - does this happen at night when I need to sleep? NO. My brain is hardwired to PISS ME OFF. 

I leave for India in 15 days. Fun times. Freaking out. Just a little.

And it is So West Wing time. S5, a season I was watched, but didn't love, has become AWESOME. I crave it. *pets CJ*
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So silence has been the drug of choice these past couple of weeks, to be honest shit all is happening in my part of the world - melbourne stop being exciting when uni started again *sob sob* all my friends have LEFT me!! *cues violins* and here I thought deferring would be a BIG adventure, but except for the travelling part its been rather straight laced. Though that could be because I'm trying to hold down 4 (I sort of accidentally picked up another job) jobs - its not as fun as it sounds, though the money is good!

Speaking of money - or rather what I can buy with it, I've been on a bit of a amazon rampage - I got my debit card, so shiny! and have been ordering like MAD, Veronica Mars S2, Dead Like Me S2, House S2, Supernatural S1. It so the most shiniest thing to think about all my DVDs flying my way (soon they will be anyway).

I was most disappointed when I discovered the 10th doctor wasn't on dvd yet, well not on amazon usa anyway - its on the uk site but - OMG IT'S $111.50 AUST!!! ARE THEY WAY BEYOND INSANE!! WHAT THE HELL! I HATE THE POUND.

OH! WAIT! I did do something way beyond exciting on Tuesday night - I saw Snow Patrol in concert!! I got tickets for my birthday and dragged a willing [profile] xanya along. We had such the most AWESOME time in the world, the band was beyond fantastic - i was in a puddle of goo by the end - Gary seriously could just talk to me for hours and I would die happy. They played so well, and they played chocolate which is one of my favourite songs.  I unfortunately didn't steal one of my sisters camera's and therefore couldn't take any photos, such a bummer.

The support ban 'Starky' cracked me up, the lead singer was the funniest dancer I have ever seen - he looked like a cross between Elvis, a duck and a serial killer robot. And I mean that in the kindest way possible - we had a most amusing time watching them. 

Throughout the night I had to watch my back - [profile] xanya was plotting to kill me (she might be still doing so, if you haven't heard from me in a while just assume she has succeeded and I am dead. Oh! I so should make one of those 'If you listening to this it means I am deaded.' tapes!) because of several well placed comments about TWW - in  particular teasing her about Josh and Donna - and the love square the obviously happens later in S7 where Josh and Donna are split up because of the involvement of Toby and Will, because seriously folks even I can see (and this is not having seen any of the 7th season) that Donna and Will are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER and will have like 103 kids and live out west. Josh will be heartbroken and will have desperate rejection sex with Toby and then totally snub him in the morning which will lead to the world ending at the hands of a slighted Toby, along with his trusty sidekick CJ - they wear masks and have capes and everything! Meanwhile Jed dances around the oval office in a dress. 1 IN EVERY 40 MEN PEOPLE!!. 

See can't you totally see that happening?? (don't kill me, don't kill me)

So, ah yeah. I'm not insane. Quick! need a distraction

*runs around naked*

So, oh! icons! 

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