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So I just got my offical, final acceptance email from Malmo University - I GOT IN! I'M GOING TO SWEDEN! I'm so stoked that it fianlly is happening!

*is dancing*

Now its back to studying.
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Have spent the day in bed - something I would usually enjoy except for the looming exams next week and the fact that I was feeling horrible after spending the night throwing up and not sleeping because of headaches. Am not a happy camper.

I'm getting all excited about leaving! I'm planning my Austria, Prague and Turkey trips - which is all yay! But seeing the parental unit in Switzerland is the most yay of course! I leave on Novemeber 10th, which is so so insanely soon - and I can't even to begin to get ready because of assignments, practical assessments and exams oh my!

I'm waiting for new Bones by watching Nanny McPhee, and not feeling loserish at all! Thats the joy of being sick.
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*is banging head against wall*

I'm in the middle of my fifth edit of a really, really stupid medical surgical assignment. Seriously the word limit is the most stupid thing, I can't believe they expect us to answer the four fairly difficult questions in under 2500 words total - each question could easily be a thousand words. I still have about 300 words to cut, after cutting 200 last edit - I need to stop being so freaking long winded, I should be all surly and curt in my assignments. Or stop caring.

*is frustrated*

Spoke to Lil Sis yesterday, makes me miss her like a crazy thing - she is (dorkly) my best friend, and without her hear I feel like I'm bottling everything up - also she lets me fangirl at her, and now I can't which means I end up telling my Big Sis stupid fandom stuff and she rolls her eyes and makes me feel like I'm 5.  

My Big Sis and Ed just went out for dinner - which means I'm alone, again. yipee. Seriously I would not survive living by myself - I get all grumpy when there is no one for me to cook for, and no one to eat with - especially when I expected there to be. Now I don't even feel like dinner, I think I'll have crumpet and make double choclate cookies. 

*goes off to edit*  

One day I will talk about fandom again.

EDIT: Assignment now on 2544 words - including the questions! WHOO! Now I have to decide if I can get away with that.

EDIT TWO: triple chocolate cookies made, assignment still sitting on 2544, went to see a friend instead of doing another edit. Might have had Maccas for dinner. Maybe.
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(well I got my university's nomination and the host institute has said it has a place for me and the other girls that applied! WHOOO!)

Unfortunately I still have two assignments due, which means: back to the books!
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It's taken me a week to get out of my emo!funk and get up the energy to update - a week that is supposed to be holiday time but instead was an odd mixture of chores, adventures and assignment stress. Wheeee! Good times!

So it started off like this:

Friday (a week ago) was my last day of Nursing Clinical's for the year - the end of an exhausting six months of straight school stress - either in the form of lectures, practical assessments, assignments, exams or full time clinicals. It also happened to be a week and a half since my sister left for her overseas trip (my little sis, who is more like a best friend and someone I've only been separated from for a significant length of time twice. in her whole life). And I had a really shitty (kinda literally) day at the hospital - that involved me nearly smacking a couple of the other nursing students and to top it all off I still hadn't heard if I was accepted into going to Sweden for uni next year or not.
So I was feeling really isolated and lonely - because I felt like I had no supports and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and be emo. So I did - except it started when I was out walking the dog and I must have looked kind of pathetic walking down the street crying. at 3pm on a bright, beautiful, warm day - the first one in months.

hence the emo!warning and the distance.

But I'm feeling much better - though I don't think it's going to last long - three assignments due at the end of next week and I have only started one. time management by the master here folks!

In other news: Sweden is still up in the air - the uni hasn't decided if all three of us can go, which is superduper annoying because everyone else nearly has the nomination except us! So frustrating - they said most likely the middle of next week - but 7 weeks ago they said  it would be a week.  

Okay, I have Bones to watch and three assignments to do - its an exciting Friday night for me.

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I got over my first exam hurdle for this semester - a 10 minute blind practical assesmment worth 20% AND I did it without chucking up milk OR having a nose bleed OR having an asthma attack. I think that signals some celebration! And I got a rocking score - somewhere between 16/20 and 20/20 I think, I can't be sure until we get our marks back sometime in the next month.

My skill was Venipuncture - which is taking blood with a vacutainer and pure vein finding skill. And my assessor was my advisor for Sweden - so he already knew I was a HUGE nerd (though he doesn't particularly like me - miner draw back). 

I'm so relieved. Also now I can stress fully for the written exams! Wheee!!!
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I have been BANNED from panicking about the exams - even moderate anxiety has been denied. I'm also not allowed to say I'm not prepared or that I'm going to fail - on pain of death. Not my death though - so it's not really that much of a threat. 

My friends are mean. And also completely irritating. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND I CAN PANIC IF I WANT TO.

I have successfully convinced a lot of people that I know what I'm doing, I think I have fooled them with my over-confident stage show and my willingness to ask a LOT of questions. Also to read ahead in my lecture notes. I am a con-artist of nursing and combine that with my brilliant multichoicing ability I am going to FAIL (delicious taste of failure - its like being back in year 9 maths again). 

Makes no sense? HA! Thats what exams do to you! 

I HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM PANICKING. I'm a little annoyed - I mean I THRIVE on panic - its what makes me not sleep! WHOO! 

My mother sends me messages from Geneva to go to bed, she also gets my aunty to ring up and make sure I haven't had a breakdown from stress and she sends me emails that make me cry. 

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Exam stress and general grumpiness have started to set in! Some inpressive door slamming just happened, even after my sister brought me lollies (lollies that if I eat today will make me through up - Wednesday is 'Eat Junk Til You Feel Sick' Day - six hours of lectures straight in the same lecture thearte does that to a girl) but mum just rang and it cheered me up, after an almost cry to her on the phone. I miss having her around, I loved to rant and rave at her about my lecturers and my assignments - she understood and was always on my side (for other reasons as well obviously!). But yeah, that was nice - parents have been in Russia for the last couple of days and head off again somewhere else in a week! And when they are out of Geneva it is hard for them to ring home - so we haven't spoken to them in a while - I miss them so much!

I booked my ticket to Eruope for November! I leave on the 25th and if I don't go to Sweden I come home on the 30th, with a week stop over in New York! If I do go to Sweden I will most likely spend a month in America in August and be home for school start in September! I'm getting really excited about Sweden, and am wishing and hoping it gets approved - I just have to start my 500 word application statment, which for someone who knows what she wants is surpisingly hard to do without sounding like a hack. 

Okay Eddie is making Pad Thai which is making me happy! It smells yum! And I'm slightly more calm which is nice.  I'm going to eat.
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My littlesister and her boyfriend just paid for their flights to Europe! They have their plane tickets and its KILLING ME! I want to run out tomorrow and get mine! but I can't until I talk to my advisor so I can get a confirmation that my sweden exchange is going ahead! Seriously! I'm going to cry if I don't get an email from him soon! I just want to get an appointment with him - any day of the week! any time! Seriously RESPOND TO MY EMAIL! 

My favourite travel STA person is leaving as well, her last day is tomorrow and I SO wanted to book my tickets through her. She did Kenya for me and we were in the same kickboxing class. 

I am so woe at the moment that I feel the need to use my Very Distressed icon. 

*is late for work*

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I'm on holidays! Clinicals are over and done with! Until June/July/August that is. I was in community mental health, working close to home (which was good and bad. good because I didn't have to travel far and I knew the area, which made it less stressful. bad because I knew a couple of the clients of the clinic personally, and others I now see around, and it was harder to seperate professional from personal) and I had a really good three weeks.

Community Mental Health was so different from what I was expecting or prepared for. Our lectures in the three weeks leading up to these clinicals had focused on the experiences of working in mental healh hospitals, which is where a lot of my friends ended up but there was nothing about working in community mental health and I didn't quiet know what to expect. I was placed under a state area (there is north, west, south, east and the north eastern, north western, inner west, south eastern ect) and in a hospital in that serviced that area in an acute sense, it also coorinatored the communinty programs within that area (confused?). I was placed with seven other nursing students and we got to choose our placements - everyone else was being all hesident so I took charge (as I tend to do when being are being BORING) and battled the other confident terror-in-training over which one of us got to do CATT (crisis assesment and treatment team) which is all the high flying action stuff and CCT (continuing care team) which is about case managing people in the community. I ended up going CCT because it what I am most interested in, plus it was closer to home.

CCT was awesome and interesting but fully terrifying; I got to give injections, sit in on clinical reviews, work with nurses, doctors and social workers, write in client files and go on some home visits and visit the inpatient unit. I also spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing, not seeing many clients, reading the same drug infomation again and again, sitting in on endless meetings about new reporting programs that were going in (they are putting it all on the computer for digital files and the concepts were harder for the non computer people to understand).

I'm typing on my laptop, which is driving me nuts because it keeps deleting what I'm writing, so I'm not going to type much more - also I'm not even sure what I want so say, the experience was full on and so much happened. Also client confidentuality. 

But its over and I got awesome marks and comments, I now have down three clinical placements where I got good results and a high distinction average on exams - seriously if this does not get me a place in sweden I'm quiting uni and becoming a club singer at a sleazy place at the docklands. 

Which bytheway my uni is driving me nuts - last year it was looking so easy! the international advisor had it all planned out, she was going to do it all! and she was so enthusatic about it. then she left. and now the new advisor has NO IDEA and also doesn't know how to use email, I've emailed him twice in the last two weeks and he hasn't replied. I need an apointment with him so he can give the go ahead for it all to go ahead! gah! I only have until June 30th for ALL the paperwork to be in! The closing deadline is stressing me the fuck out! I went to this uni because of the international opptunities it offered me and now its screwing me about!

Okay I have to stop thinking about this because its just pissing me off! seriously bed time - well numb3rs watching time anyway.
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I'll be back in the land of the living (writing, fanning) once the heat stops killing me dead. AND THEN! You will all be made to sit nicely and listen to What Happens When You Let Rose Out On Clinicals. Just so you don't worry, as I KNOW you ALL have been doing in my time of silence, I have NOT killed a patient, got a needle stick injury, left a pair of scissors in someones abdomen or caused a cross-contamination, drug-resistant, infectious human flesh eating super bug. Everything else is fair game. 

I need a nurse icon.

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I had my first practical assessment for this semester this morning, despite getting a nosebleed, having an asthma attack and having to do circulatory and cardiovascular assessment I PASSED!!

Now I have 3 more exams left and I'm FINISHED!

[also I have become a REAL geek - shop at a video shop... ALL THE WAY]
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I'm dieing of the consumption! Though not really, because THAT particular wank has already happened but 'the consumption' is so much sexier the 'chest infection'. Gah! My ribs! My ribs! I had to flee my lecture today and huddle outside so I could do some very graceful hacking up my lungs on the walkway, don't worry - I put them all back in again. Which is good because we just started the respiratory system in biomed, and I learnt that yes! the lungs ARE important - who knew?! Lucky I was able to roll out of bed this morning! I equaled out any learning done by sleeping through nursing studies and then leaving early - I am so the model student. 

So this post is just an excuse to use my new icon, which comes from an incredible unPC book I own - The Girls Companion, a 1950's guide to growing up - stocked with useful skills - like lawn tennis, camping, careers advice, housekeeping and gymnastics! Fantastic! Just what I need!    

I'm just going to continue to hack my lungs up over there.

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So this is me updating, wow! It’s a new thing I'm trying out. Does it make my bum look big? 

I have a reason! (I usually have a reason, but mostly they're stupid reasons like 'oh fuckyduck' or the ever so fantastic 'I'm boring') A reason for not updating that is. Not just a reason generally, though I'm sure I have lots of those. Whatever anyway. Yes. My reason for not Updating the LJ of Mine: I suck, no EXAMS suck. And I have exams, or had - I just have one, singular, now and thus = updating. Can you tell I have been sent insane by being forced to study? SERIOUSLY WHO WAS IT THAT DIDN'T TELL ME THAT UNI INVOLVED ACTUAL WORK, AND STUDYING? Because they will get a spanking. 

So, yes, exams. I had them - I do multichoice really fast, I'm an amazing multichoicer! I'm going to bottle my skill and sell it at a pound each (which equals about $2.40AUS) and will be RICH and FAMOUS the world over. 
A warning for the rushing hordes - my multichoice magic bottle of mystery does not guarantee correct answers. 

So because of exams (see above) I'm having exam like dreams – bye! fandom dreams! bye! - which are causing me great distress - there was one where I started a religious war in a exam lecture theatre because I broke into song (a crime all on its own) about the injustice of a religious faction planting a GRAPE tree (a symbol of some kind) in the middle of the exam lecture theatre. Then I campaigned that because my breakaway pop hit disturbed the exam everyone should get another half hour and I should get to resit it. Logic AHOY! 

The other dream consisted of me getting a score of 16/70 for mental health, and being devastated by it. 

So yes, exams, weird dreams and the resulted inability to make icons has been my life up til this point (breathing, eating and sleeping also included). Seriously - why isn't EVERYone like me? 

Okay. So, I'm still alive [check!], I am sitting exams [check!] and right now I'm avoiding doing my assignment [check!]. everything is in order. *takes a bow* GOODNIGHT!   
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So my digestive systems lecturer (oh yes! we are up to the fun! parts of the body!) is a wanna be JK. Seriously... my next lecture is entitled 'The Liver and the Fate of the Absorbed Nutrients!'. Catchy no? I know I personally can't wait for the instalment! 

On Sunday I woke up as a smurf. Blue from the hips down, I thought I had badly bruised myself and just not, you know, have noticed. But no, the culprit ended up being a pair of raw demin jeans. So mundane and disappointing. Actually it's been a disappointing week really, I'm most upset at the lack of dramas - no wait, work was dramas! but work is always dramas! so that doesn't count. By the way - quit for me please? Thanks very much.

In honour of the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I give you a recipe: 
Mars Bar slice
Serves . Prep minutes
Cooking time
  • 3 Mars Bars
  • 90 gm of butter + 30 gms of butter for topping
  • 3 cups of rice bubbles
  • 200gm of milk chocolate
Melt the Mars Bars and butter together in a heat proof bowl over boiling water. Add the rice bubbles and stir until combined. Place in a greased slice pan. Melt the milk chocolate and 30 gm of butter in a heat proof bowl over boiling water stirring to keep them combined. Spread on top of the rice bubble mixture. Refrigerate until set. Then cut into serving sized slices.

Perfect comfort food. Start your week off the right way.
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So. Yes. I keep meaning to update. But I am crap. (BUT NOT MEAN!! JULES!!) And so I got caught up in uni, and working.... and yes, reading fic. (BSG owns my soul).  Uni is FANTASTIC! You know, with the handwashing classes and the thrilling bedmaking classes, coupled with wet labs (body pieces!) and bad food, and the cold, cold, cold lecture rooms - see! no sarcasm! I'M GROWING AS A PERSON!! 

And then there is work. But you know, work. 

So I have things to say, big ranting things - but this is just a OMG I AM ALIVE!!! POST. Because, you know, I am. And also a faaaavvvvvour!! post! THE BEST KIND!!

So I am looking for this song 'Summer Wine' By Bono and The Corrs, I heard it in India, Tricia forced it upon me, and now - you know, a craving. So could someone please be MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER and send it my way?

My god! I say 'you know' WAY TO OFTEN. It's my like my AWESOME phase, and my 'way' phase!! But I didn't get over my awesome awesome phase. I love butchering LANGUAGE!!


Is it bad I'm considering buying The O.C S1? And Mighty Ducks boxset? I think I might have entered a new level of THE NEEED TO BUY BOXSETS. It has become quiet an addiction. 

Also the movie St Elmo's Fire - worth getting? Rob Lowe stars as a disgruntled husband and father!

I am really going to bed now, like really. REALLY. No Really.
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Okay, so yes. I'm Absent Gal! The new dodgy Superhero on the block. Now the excuse of jetlag has dried up - can I use the start (MY FIRST YEAR) of university as the reason? Because that would be shiny! And have the added bonus of being true. 

Okay. You  have ALL let me down! Yes. Feel the guilt! Spank yourselves sorry and buy me something pretty because I was lead to believe, but those OLDER and somewhat (non)WISER then myself that uni was a BREEZE! I have discovered that this is, infact, NOT TRUE. It's hard! and MIND NUMBING! And my lectures are sleep worthy! HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME! but DO NOT FEAR! I'm still having fun. somehow. amongst all the science. yes! SCIENCE! tremble in my soon to be a nurse presence. I get to play with SHARP things. And dead body's. Ha! 

anyhow. Onto something less wordy and more... pretty! And photograph like! The following are just from my shitty little digital. Film ones will come later.


....... )
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Today has been one of THOSE days, where everything seems to happen, well everything significant seems to happen. Actually this week is going to be like that. Today being the 16th though some exciting, and kind of sad, things did happen.

Firstly, my sister left for her six-week trip to Asia. She left for Thailand this morning and heads off to Vietnam tomorrow afternoon. I've got an email from her already. She wanted to wish me luck.

Which is the other thing that happened today. The placements for Uni courses were released at 7.30 this evening. It was a mad crush to get an Age and there were so many names to look through. My friend was panicking beside me because she couldn't find her name and she thought she didn't get into her course but she did. And then I did. And I screamed. And shouted. And tackled (yes Jules, an actually real life tackle, it was so fun!) So yes, I got into Nursing at RMIT, which I'm overjoyed about! I'm a little in shock still I think, I can't believe I'm actually, really going to Uni. It's out of this world!

Tomorrow other exciting things happen. Like I get my fake tooth in. Which sounds weird and sleazy old-manish. But I'm just relieved to finally have a whole set of teeth. Now I should old womanish. I think I just sound old. Stupid genetics giving me missing adult teeth!

I'm going to bed, I'm all poopedout. Hee. poop.

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I feel all dizzy - stupid varnish. My dads re-doing the benches downstairs and the kitchen is right above my room, my room has no door. Hence dizziness. I feel all stressed too but that's not because of the vanish - stupid school, I have four weeks left of term and everything is due, all my final artworks and final SACs and the formal, I have nearly everything for the formal, dress, shows, earrings, hair appointment ect. and my sister just has to make my necklace.

In three months, that's including the exams, my high school life is over forever. Scary.

This weekend I booked the volunteer program I'm going to do next year - Mombasa, in Kenya - working with the street children there. I'm kinda freaking out. I've never been overseas. I'll be staying with a family I don't know for two months. I don't speak the language. I'll be by myself.

Anyone been to Kenya? Want to tell me some handy hints?

I also applied for my Uni course last week, my first pref. is Nursing at RMIT and then Development Studies at La Trobe -after that several Social Work, Art's and Social Sciences courses. Everything is changing.

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The week has just started and already I'm counting down the days until Friday night comes around once again. nothing much has been happening here, last week that was a 50/50 chance it might SNOW in Melbourne, but only the country areas got it and we were left with icy cold winds and fake storms. Stupid weather.

On Sunday I went to the RMIT University open day, the Bundoora Applied Science campus looks really good and their Nursing course is everything I could wish for - I'm still trying to decided between Development Studies and Nursing, both look very shiny.

So onto the actual point of this update, [livejournal.com profile] xanya asked about the colouring of an icon I did for [livejournal.com profile] icon_crack and because not doing homework is a great motivator I've decided to have a go at making my first icon tutorial. Now this is done from memory and I'm not one for words and tend to confuse things so if there is something that is unclear, please drop a comment and I'll see if I can be more... uh clear.

This tutorial isn't a step-by-step guide to making the exact icon but rather a guide on how I did the colouring, with pictures and all! Also I'm going to assume you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Read more... )

I saw Alias 4x01 and 4x02, The Island and the Doctor Who final in the last couple of days, words and anaylsis really aren't my thing - I'll post with icons of each instead.   

ETA: Damnit I want 100 icons! *kicks 15*


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