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I'm baaaack!

And have been for a couple of days. But the jetlag excuse is still good, I'm using it until it runs dry! Buuuuuut enough about boringness. BECAUSE I WENT TO INDIA!! AND HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!  Three weeks was very much too short! But so much fun was still had. Rajathsan was AMAZING, I didn't see Goa but Agra was a let down (BUT the Taj is everything and more then everything everyone always says) but Delhi was amusing, and not just because the hotel I stayed in was called Goodtimes Hotel. 

 I have pictures, and stories (rum, traffic, pirates, fangirl dreams, camel safari, rickshaw driving, pimp my rickshaw, snakes, birds, snoring, rum, hawkers, growling, temples, forts, palaces, tv, bollywood, henna tattoos, rat temples, snake temples, crossing roads, don't worry, be happy, chicken curry!). 

BUT all will have to wait until I find my camera lead, in the shambles of what USED to be my room. My parents decided to recarpet and packed up my room. Kindly thay didn't unpack it, I've misplaced everything - camera lead included. 

So hold onto your hats a little longer, I'm baaack with love to share but no pretties to give - yet. While I desperately look, I plan to download ALL THE TV I HAVE MISSED!!  Veronica Mars! BSG!! House! Supernatural! Gilmore Girls! And read old school fics (hello Buffy/Angel - it so nice to visit you again!). So you see I will be searching hard. 

But I'm baaaack! So sing from the rafters! And anything else you feel is an appropriate welcome for one such as me. 

(heroes is pretty! why are there no screencaps when I demand them - why do I have to LOOK?! God my life is hard. *bats eyelashes* pretty please someone send me a link to an archieve! *big smoochy kisses*)  

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The wind is blowing so hard at the moment, it making everything is my room go batcrazy and it's AWESOME. Seriously - Melbourne storms are teh BOMB (see how groovy I am kids!) - but I had several Monroe moments with my skirt blowing up (which by the way - awesome skirt, black and floaty and $12.50!). I'm hoping for a thunderstorm - which they promised us (they being the weather bureau, my dad included) since NYE and STILL hasn't come! This wind looks promising. I neeeeeed to stop talking about the weather. Seriously. I can't help it though - It's in the blood! 

2007 is going to be an awesome television year. Heroes and Ugly Betty are both coming to Australia (I was hoping for Dexter, Which [profile] callmedaisy did a pretty (slightly disturbing) picspam here, but  sadly no.) It should be fun times ahead. Not to mention the return of Veronica Mars, Studio 60, House, Supernatural, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Gilmore Girls. AND NEW DOCTOR WHO!! I saw the Christmas special and I COULDN'T breathe I was so excited. 

 Do you know what is a CRIME?!? They don't have last seasons DW as a box set in Australia yet. They sell the disks SEPERATLEY!! At $30 dollars a DISK! I could buy the UK box set for the same price. Seriously I hate Australian DVD's - they lack special features - they always come in UGLY and IRRITATING slim sets - I love the BIG DVD sets you used to buy - I have Buffy S1-S6 in the two parter, three disks sets. They are SO awesome, and SO SHINY.
And the sets I get from Amazon are even prettier! With the dust jacket things?! BRILLIANT!! Australia is CRAP - and they wonder why we downloaded things off the net and buy from overseas. Idiots.

Speaking of idiots. Work. I love my job, I do. BUT creepy icky guys, are so NOT OF THE FUN. I saw spared the pain of the creepy!dorks (who thankfully decided NOT to make an appearance), but we had the russian in (since 11am) who had been drinking heavy spirits ALL DAY had was in a very creepy, drunken state - he tried to convert me to worshiping the devil. I respectfully declined on the bases of worshiping to many Ancient Greek Gods to hold another in my heart. At least we had no violence this time, and I DIDN'T break any glasses. 

I volunteered my services as the driver to go pick up my sister at 1am - I'm usually up til then anyway - but now I've said that all I want to do is go to sleep. I hate it when that happens. Like this afternoon - I got home from work (hot and exhausted) to an empty house, I couldn't find the Good Weekend, couldn't get the VCR working (couldn't watch WEEDS!) and couldn't be bothered getting lunch together. So I lay under the fan, on the blissfully cold hardwood, and went to almost!sleep - does this happen at night when I need to sleep? NO. My brain is hardwired to PISS ME OFF. 

I leave for India in 15 days. Fun times. Freaking out. Just a little.

And it is So West Wing time. S5, a season I was watched, but didn't love, has become AWESOME. I crave it. *pets CJ*
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It has seriously been an age and a half since I last updated, most sorry about that. I contracted a horrible case of a mild late-teen crisis and it has taken 2 weeks to recover. During my brief time in the real world I was able to ruin a 5 year friendship, worked 15.5 hours straight for my king queen electoral commission, do 4 dance concerts (no physical evidence survived, much to [livejournal.com profile] julester1 disappontment) and got the sawing machiene out of the attic. Really it has been a busy time for me. Not so busy, of course, taht I couldn't devour a number of shows - West Wing S7, Veronica Mars, House, Gilmore Girls, BSG S2 (thank you [livejournal.com profile] sarkastic), Studio 60, Supernatural and M*A*S*H - included, not limited too. 

Do you know who is AWESOME?! [livejournal.com profile] xanyais AWESOME. She is also a PIMP and a GANGSTA, She will cap your arse. Or something. I spent about an hour tonight kicking her arse at KUNG FO FIGHTING! We rocked! Then we got tired and lay down on the road, and she challenged me to a running race, which she then had to piggy-back me accross the finish line. Really we had a very energentic evening. Quite unusal for two tv slobs. I got to stroke her DVD collection though, and then she let me borrow Sports Night. So SEE. Teh AWESOME she is. 

Just thought you would all like to know. I am the KUNG FO FIGHTING CHAMPION THOUGH, don't let her convice you otherwise. 

Blah. I have to go back to work tomorrow. SAVE ME! Or at least pay me for being SO BRILLIANT and COOL. 

I also managed to (finally) finished the REQUESTS for [livejournal.com profile] serenitysea, [livejournal.com profile] katiegsr and [livejournal.com profile] nyc_iby. Requests still open here.
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Excuse me while I scream, while I cry with frustration, while I swear because I fucking hate Ch9. I HATE THEM. I hate them with a fiery, fiery passion, I hate them because of their indifference to their viewers, for the shows they show. They treat us, their viewers, with such disrespect and I can't STAND them, they do it consistently and they do it to all their shows. Australian television is frustrating; it makes me want to pull my hair out. The three commercial stations fuck their viewers around with repeats; continuous changing of timeslots and cancellations of shows midseason. Right now my frustration is with Ch9. They just showed us the first part of Grave Danger for CSI, something I have been waiting for all year, since I first heard QT was directing the episode, since I first heard the plot. I've been waiting for this for so long.

And they're not showing us part two until NEXT YEAR!!!

I could cry I'm so frustrated.

[profile] katiegsr I am so tempted to download. It was so good *clings*

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Christmas Cards! Yes, this year I've decided to join the holiday spirit and do Christmas Cards, or Holiday Cards if you don't do Christmas. Actually I don't really DO Christmas, not the spiritual side, I do the food, the family and the presents side though. Opps! getting sidetracked.

So if you would like a card, Christmas or otherwise, leave your address in a comment, all comments are screened and I'll get with the carding. Though if you don't live on the Big Rock, otherwise known as Australia, it’s likely that your cards will arrive a little early - because cards’ arriving late is so not cool.

In other exciting news Summer Programming has been released. Veronica Mars most likely starts in early Dec. We might be getting back Smallville, but Summerland *gag* could be shown instead and NCIS is back. I'm already loving summer.

Also an article: (Ten picks up some discards from Nine). It mentions Supernatural, Ten has picked up Supernatural. I think we might be getting Supernatural here. *is in shock* I love Ch10. (no not really, okay sometimes. we have a difficult relationship) 

Also unfortunately Big Brother is a go-ahead for next year, will the reality insanity ever end?


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