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So yesterday was Monday and therefore results day, on Sunday night I didn't sleep hardly at all - and I kept having weird half awake dream/nightmares, like I thought there was a huge spider on the roof over my head - my roof is all angular so it seemed pretty close to my face and I screamed and jumped out of bed and turned on the light, and there was no spider. Freaked me majorly out - Lillie had to come up and check my bed covers before I could get back in.

Okay so my results, I did okay - more then okay I went well. I got an 81.95!

Which is an awesome score - especially because its a score that is partly done by ranking, in my subjects I went pretty well, by the way for anyone who doesn't live in Victoria subjects each get a score out of 50 - the average mean is in the high 30's I think (ETA: [profile] xanya just imformed me that the average score is in the early 30s. go me!), for most subjects, 50 is almost impossible to get and to get anything in the 40s in very hard. Then an overall mark, a score out of 99.95 (100 is impossible to get, 99.95 is the prefect score) is calculated by some complicated method but simplified basically the four highest subject marks get added together somehow and 10% of the lowest subject mark to make a score out of 99.95. Confused? To add more confusion they have a scaling system - in which the raw scores out of 50 are changed by either marks added or take away to even out the playing field supposedly. Hard subjects like languages, sciences and histories get marked up while subjects such as Art, get marked down because they're considered easy (which by the way is total bullshit, my arts subjecst were some of my hardest - they required the most work) Most of my subjects got marked down which is a pain - Politics and Classics were the only ones that got marked up.

English: 36.02 (my raw score was 37, stupid scaling!)
Classics: 38.49 (I am so proud of this mark, not only was it the best out of my subjects after scaling but I got higher then my sister did when she did Classics - which sounds horrible but I don't care!)
Studio Arts: 35.22 (I got a raw score of 39! Which is one of the reason I'm annoyed at the scaling system though I'm so excited with this because on all formal assesments I got A+'s!
Political Studies: 35.21 (this was such a hard exam so this is an awesome score!)
Arts: 33.54 (Stupid scaling brought this one down too, I orginally got a 36)

I got my letter marks too, which is awesome, and I got four A+'s, nine A's and two B+'s, I'm so very excited about those! Anyhow so thats my results. Highschool is now offically and emotionaly over! Now I just have to wait for Uni selection which happens in Janurary. But thats agggges away so I'm living stress free!

Now I have to go face my doom with a driving lesson.

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I love you guys so hard. Thanks for everything yesterday with my uh kinda-sorta, semi, really small breakdown

So last night was kind of a low for me - after that post was made I chucked a major tantrum - like throwing books across my room, swearing and slamming doors tantrum - very worthy of a 2 year old. Amazingly I didn't wake anyone else up in the house - even though I have no door to my room and it was 2 in the morning. Good news is that my computer is semi-fixed, I can use it but I'm a bit hesitant to put any strain on it until I can wipe the hard disk and reprogram it again, I have everything backed-up, I'm not going to lose anything but I will have a nice, semi-new shiny computer that actually works! But that won't happen for a couple of weeks - that means icons might be a bit scarce for a while.

Tonight a couple of Kenyan women come over for dinner - mum had meet them while gardening out the front and they wanted to meet me, I got a heap of awesome advice and an offer to stay with Minnie's family in the highlands of Kenya - it would be awesome to do so. They also gave me a kickarse necklace, as seen below (I so was a game show hostess in my previous life), and Lillie and Dad got into a discussion with them about the effect of the expansion of the British empire. It was fun all round, and in a couple of weeks we're going down the street to their place for traditional African food, should be very, very yum.

Oh! I passed the first of the two tests you need to get my license, oh yay, I don't know who's idea it was to encourage me to drive - I despise it with passion. I hate having that kind of responsibility over a vehicle I feel is just inside my control - plus I am so going to end up the driver for ALL my friends - none of them are really even thinking of getting their license.

On Monday I get my exams results back, nearly only four days. I'm so freaking out - what happens if I can't get the score I want to get into the course I want and then I end up having to apply for a job a Maccas - which won't take me anyway because by then I'll be too old and living off the dole - and I'll never achieve my plan for world domination peace!! /hysterical

Oh and thanks LJ for the sending of the comments you didn't send before - two weeks late.


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