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I'm on holidays! Clinicals are over and done with! Until June/July/August that is. I was in community mental health, working close to home (which was good and bad. good because I didn't have to travel far and I knew the area, which made it less stressful. bad because I knew a couple of the clients of the clinic personally, and others I now see around, and it was harder to seperate professional from personal) and I had a really good three weeks.

Community Mental Health was so different from what I was expecting or prepared for. Our lectures in the three weeks leading up to these clinicals had focused on the experiences of working in mental healh hospitals, which is where a lot of my friends ended up but there was nothing about working in community mental health and I didn't quiet know what to expect. I was placed under a state area (there is north, west, south, east and the north eastern, north western, inner west, south eastern ect) and in a hospital in that serviced that area in an acute sense, it also coorinatored the communinty programs within that area (confused?). I was placed with seven other nursing students and we got to choose our placements - everyone else was being all hesident so I took charge (as I tend to do when being are being BORING) and battled the other confident terror-in-training over which one of us got to do CATT (crisis assesment and treatment team) which is all the high flying action stuff and CCT (continuing care team) which is about case managing people in the community. I ended up going CCT because it what I am most interested in, plus it was closer to home.

CCT was awesome and interesting but fully terrifying; I got to give injections, sit in on clinical reviews, work with nurses, doctors and social workers, write in client files and go on some home visits and visit the inpatient unit. I also spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing, not seeing many clients, reading the same drug infomation again and again, sitting in on endless meetings about new reporting programs that were going in (they are putting it all on the computer for digital files and the concepts were harder for the non computer people to understand).

I'm typing on my laptop, which is driving me nuts because it keeps deleting what I'm writing, so I'm not going to type much more - also I'm not even sure what I want so say, the experience was full on and so much happened. Also client confidentuality. 

But its over and I got awesome marks and comments, I now have down three clinical placements where I got good results and a high distinction average on exams - seriously if this does not get me a place in sweden I'm quiting uni and becoming a club singer at a sleazy place at the docklands. 

Which bytheway my uni is driving me nuts - last year it was looking so easy! the international advisor had it all planned out, she was going to do it all! and she was so enthusatic about it. then she left. and now the new advisor has NO IDEA and also doesn't know how to use email, I've emailed him twice in the last two weeks and he hasn't replied. I need an apointment with him so he can give the go ahead for it all to go ahead! gah! I only have until June 30th for ALL the paperwork to be in! The closing deadline is stressing me the fuck out! I went to this uni because of the international opptunities it offered me and now its screwing me about!

Okay I have to stop thinking about this because its just pissing me off! seriously bed time - well numb3rs watching time anyway.
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 I am royally PISSED off with Amazon.com, I've been ordering from them for years! I've NEVER had a problem with shipping, or recieving packages - they are usually on time, or even early! I must have taken it for granted because they are driving me INSANE. Packages don't come, or turn up two weeks late, or a MONTH late - like the DVDs that arrived today. [profile] xanyahas been having problems too - it must be their international shipping. I ordered VM3 dvd's for xanya for Christmas - when they didn't arrive in their estimated arrival period I gave amazon a ring - they said they would replace the DVDs and send them on their FASTEST shipping and it would arrive in 10 days, that 10 days finish THREE WEEKS AGO! In the meantime, while waiting for the replacement to arrive I got my first order. So now I have replacement DVDs sitting on my desk and apparently I have to PAY to send them back? WHAT?! Do they refund me for that too? God this is complete crap! I'm going to be all prissy and declare that I'm never ordering from them again, because I might pay a little more somewhere else but at least the dvds ARRIVE.  

Okay I'm all emotional because the packers are downstairs putting all my parents stuff in the shipping crate - they just packed up the lounge room, their bedroom, the dinning room and the kitchen table (not to mention all the stuff out in the hallway, which mum had put there from the attic, the garage, the bathroom and the kicthen cupboards). It doesn't seem real - my mum living, but it is because she doesn't have a bedroom anymore, and the loungeroom is empty except for the tv and she is living out of a suitcase! I can't beleive she leaves on Thursday. I wish I was going too, I hate being left behind - imagine! I could have packed up my room and being moving to GENEVA! But uni and everything comes first - and I'll be there next year. 

I need a hug.

I found new supernatural gen!case!fic to cheer me up. You should all go look at Tassos Accidental Documentaries, a interesting read told from the perspective of a fantasticaly written OC (don't run! it's worth it), that is a great look at teenager!dean and teenager!sam starting a new school. Summary: As Class Historian, Antonia is determined to make the best high school documentary her senior year that anyone has ever seen, but the first few weeks of school bring more to light than she ever expected when a freshman girl goes missing, the new kid Dean takes an interest, and old traumas may be the key to the present.
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I'm having a FRUSTRATING evening. I need to rant. RIGHT NOW. Before I explode and make things worse.

 I'm feeling all disorangised and messy, and its GROSS. Nothing is nice and easy to get to, nothing is all neat and pretty and I want it to be. I want a GOOD photo sharing program thing. no, not a good one, I want iPhoto - because even with all its crappiness it doesn't piss me off like InfranView or Picasa - both which I find ILLOGICAL and STUPID. PLEASE PICASA - I DON'T WANT TO YOU TO LOOK THROUGH MY COMPUTER AND FIND ALL THE PHOTOS ON THERE - I WANT TO DO IT, I HAVE A LOT OF CRAP ON MY COMPUTER - I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT AGAIN. EVER. SO STOP PISSING ME OFF. And FAMILY please! InfranView is NOT the HOLY GRAIL - it can't CURE CANCER, create WORLD PEACE or save the STARVING CHILDREN IN AFRICA!! It just exist to PISS ME OFF. Okay! Because yes, I AM THAT SPECIAL. 

And BEDROOM, please STOP being SMALL and MISSHAPED and CRAP. I CAN'T BREATHE. Everything is just too big a MESS!! and I have NO idea where to start to get it all pretty. I want a nice CLEAN hard drive! and a PRETTY well oranigised MY DOCUMENTS. And I want a LAP TOP. 

ALSO I have an inability to THROW anything OUT. And I have things saved on my hard disk from the DAWN OF TIME that I just can't throw OUT. It makes my TUMMY hurt to even think about! BUT MY COMPUTER isn't NICE AND SHINY AND CLEAN AND PRETTY!!  

Also all the meta out their is making me PARANOID! I feel an overwhelming urge to lock my LJ down and hide under the BED. And I DON'T KNOW WHY. I suspect it has something to do with the Sponsored Communities and talk of employers looking up LJs and parents being SNOOPY. Which isn't a PROBLEM for me - but I'm PARANOID anyway. AND IT's ALL YUR FAULT. Yes I'm looking at you.  

...okay, calming down... 

But seriously - it all started with cleaning my stairs and a FEAR to walk into my bathroom because of the possibility of being attacked! by mutant GERMS and has ended in me having a FIT because its all STUPID. All I wanted to do was look through my 5,000 Kenyan digital pics to pick out 100 that I want to print. THAT WAS ALL, but I can't find a way of doing it that I LIKE, there is just TOO many and its FRUSTRATING doing it in My Documents or whatver because its too slow. I'm also lacking in wall space and I own lots of crap.

But to solve all my problems - because buying SHINY things solves all problems - I've decided to buy a laptop, and a car, and go on a holiday, and go to Russia next year and go to Europe for a semester in 2008....

... all do-able if I marry rich and sell my soul. 

But in the meantime... I'm going to go KILL something - calmly - and the abuse the English language some more, watch The West Wing, clean my room, avoid my bathroom (6 FOOT GERMS!!) and yell at things.  BECAUSE I'm FRUSTRATED!!

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Excuse me while I scream, while I cry with frustration, while I swear because I fucking hate Ch9. I HATE THEM. I hate them with a fiery, fiery passion, I hate them because of their indifference to their viewers, for the shows they show. They treat us, their viewers, with such disrespect and I can't STAND them, they do it consistently and they do it to all their shows. Australian television is frustrating; it makes me want to pull my hair out. The three commercial stations fuck their viewers around with repeats; continuous changing of timeslots and cancellations of shows midseason. Right now my frustration is with Ch9. They just showed us the first part of Grave Danger for CSI, something I have been waiting for all year, since I first heard QT was directing the episode, since I first heard the plot. I've been waiting for this for so long.

And they're not showing us part two until NEXT YEAR!!!

I could cry I'm so frustrated.

[profile] katiegsr I am so tempted to download. It was so good *clings*


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