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as I promised

no1_antielitist collected a huge number of doctor who recs as well as a small list of other's fic recs lists

[personal profile] liz_marcs outlines how to back up your lj (all of it!) to IJ and GJ.

sodakey is writing a awesome Supernatural fic In Reverse After Faith, a job has the boys looking for missing hikers in Wyoming. While Sam worries it’s connected to what happened to Dean ten years ago, Dean wonders if Sam would be better off back in the world of normal.

In 2005 [profile] carmens_quilldid a fic roundup

[profile] nqdonne does a book analysis for all of first five books, to some extent at least - great gasp of detail and many amusing facts

Through the Looking Glass Alternate Universe Recs. Andromeda, Batman comics, Buffy/Angel, Harry Potter, Farscape, Roswell, X-Men ect.

[personal profile] musesfool writes about the awesome Molly Weasley, includes a Molly ficrec and a list of other HP ficrecs.

The West Wing Athenaeum We wear our lives on our skin.(CJ/Toby, PG-13)
[personal profile] voleuse lists Fandom Newsletters

Symbol, Cypher & Foil: will the real Cedric Diggory please stand up? an [profile] idol_reflectionstudy of Cedric.

pirates of the caribbean amercian revolution series thirteen years after DMC. Jack/Elizabeth/Will (begins with At the Sign of the Green Dragon and up to The Tiger's Cub)

multifandom fanfiction recommendations Espresso Recs (Angel/Buffy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Good Omens ect.)

Rose Tyler Gen Ficathon, for all your gen purposes.
[community profile] crack_van is having rare fandoms month which includes fake news, tamora pierce, the history boys, oceans 11, friday night lights, life on mars, price of tennis, criminal mindsyoung wizards, grey's anatomy

Edgeworlds very awesome and pretty Harry Potter especially this sketch of Harry and Neville in the DoM.

for some 'out of left fieldness' Australian Region Infrared Animation for all your cload movement over Australia needs.

and last and least 'i can link to my own damn icons if I please' link  firefly icons
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Stolen from [profile] zeft 

Go here.
Put in username: nycareers, password: landmark
Take their 'career matchmaker' questions and post your top ten.

1. Child and Youth Worker
2. Funeral Director
3. Addictions Counselor
4. Adoption Counselor
5. Clergy
6. Psychologist
7. Sport Psychology Consultant
8. Humanitarian Aid Worker (If I didn't do Nursing THIS is what I would be doing)
9. Gerontologist (Have studied this, is facinating but not something I would want to do!)
10. Tour Guide 

FUNERAL DIRECTOR?!?!! CLERGY?!!?!!?! SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY CONSULTANT (sport is the one with like a ball or something right?) Other careers suggested:
12. Dental Assisant , 21. Hairstylist, 28. Religious Worker (Umm??) 34. Modivational Speaker, 40. Dispatcher.

Licensed Practical Nurse was 24 - I think I am in the wrong line of work. 
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Five Reasons I Miss My Dad When He Is Away (gallivanting around Switzerland the wench)

1. My clothes don't get washed. I refuse to operate the washing machine, mum refuses to come up the stairs to collect my clothes bag and I always forget to place it downstairs. My dad always does it. Yes I AM completely spoiled and I DO realised that.

2.There is no one to listen to me real life fangirl. My dad always has sensible things to say when I shout things like 'SWEDEN!! YEAH! HERE I COME!!" and they make it more REAL. Plus when I babble he only laughs quietly.

3. There isn't as much tea. I love tea.

4. There are no donuts on Fridays. How am I meant to live unhealthy if I am not supplied the appropriate tools to give myself a heart attack.

5. I love him. IS IT SUNDAY YET?    

I will actually one day, soon, update WITHOUT a fake!meme. But today I am lazy! I have REAL LIFE NEWS though. Most of it directly relating to No. 2. some to more volunteer work, others to employment type things - THREE JOBS HERE I COME!

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 Five annoying habits that drive my family batshit insane. 

1. I leave half drunk cups of tea everywhere. Currently I have 3 on my desk, one in the downstairs bathroom, one in the lounge room and one on the kitchen table - these are all from today.

2. I can not fully close a draw. It's like a compulsion. 

3. I can not put my toothbrush away, I just leave it in the most unusual places and then it ends up on the floor. My mother has washed her hands of me. 

4. I fall down stairs instead of walking down them - it much quicker this way. 

5. Who needs a wardrobe when you have a banister? My stairs are covered in clothing - much to my fathers dismay - he thinks it's a fire and safety hazard. I just work around it.    
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Five AMAZING Mary Sue SPECTACULAR Qualities About Me That You Should All Envy. 

1. I can tame dragons with the beauty of my voice. Just bring me a dragon and I will prove it. 

2. My eyes change colour with my emotions - people can tell I've been crying because my eyes are pure blue! (the tears themselves also tend to give it away) 

3.  I am the best interpretive dancer that ever lived.

4. I have a Title. Rosie of the White Ankles. I share it with a character from The Illiad, mine are much better. 

5. I give birth to unicorns.  
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This meme gives me an excuse to do this:

So [profile] julester1is the awesome, did you know that? Though she is a horrid, wonderful bad influence (she was always like hey rosiesun watch the west wing, watch it! watch it now!) and she makes me happy in exams time cos she bemoans with me about the lack of fandom exam time brings! with messages! And love! She only mocks my choice of fandoms sometimes and you know, the whole west wing thing. And she believes that I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Also she is so Donna Moss - thus awesome. 

Why does end of exams bring lack of 'need to read that now!' fanfic feelings? I have five! five! windows open with GOOD fanfic, plus one HUGE page of doctor who recs by [personal profile] misscamhere , and yet I'm watching Tru Calling and writing spam like enteries and dreading work because it will take me away from my computer TWICE next week - I am pathetic. 

Oceans 11 fic - to pretty to be true.

So I'm feeling the crossover love. I've been reading them for YEARS and now I think I might compile a list of my favourite ones. Hmm, yes? 
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So my digestive systems lecturer (oh yes! we are up to the fun! parts of the body!) is a wanna be JK. Seriously... my next lecture is entitled 'The Liver and the Fate of the Absorbed Nutrients!'. Catchy no? I know I personally can't wait for the instalment! 

On Sunday I woke up as a smurf. Blue from the hips down, I thought I had badly bruised myself and just not, you know, have noticed. But no, the culprit ended up being a pair of raw demin jeans. So mundane and disappointing. Actually it's been a disappointing week really, I'm most upset at the lack of dramas - no wait, work was dramas! but work is always dramas! so that doesn't count. By the way - quit for me please? Thanks very much.

In honour of the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I give you a recipe: 
Mars Bar slice
Serves . Prep minutes
Cooking time
  • 3 Mars Bars
  • 90 gm of butter + 30 gms of butter for topping
  • 3 cups of rice bubbles
  • 200gm of milk chocolate
Melt the Mars Bars and butter together in a heat proof bowl over boiling water. Add the rice bubbles and stir until combined. Place in a greased slice pan. Melt the milk chocolate and 30 gm of butter in a heat proof bowl over boiling water stirring to keep them combined. Spread on top of the rice bubble mixture. Refrigerate until set. Then cut into serving sized slices.

Perfect comfort food. Start your week off the right way.
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So. Yes. I keep meaning to update. But I am crap. (BUT NOT MEAN!! JULES!!) And so I got caught up in uni, and working.... and yes, reading fic. (BSG owns my soul).  Uni is FANTASTIC! You know, with the handwashing classes and the thrilling bedmaking classes, coupled with wet labs (body pieces!) and bad food, and the cold, cold, cold lecture rooms - see! no sarcasm! I'M GROWING AS A PERSON!! 

And then there is work. But you know, work. 

So I have things to say, big ranting things - but this is just a OMG I AM ALIVE!!! POST. Because, you know, I am. And also a faaaavvvvvour!! post! THE BEST KIND!!

So I am looking for this song 'Summer Wine' By Bono and The Corrs, I heard it in India, Tricia forced it upon me, and now - you know, a craving. So could someone please be MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER and send it my way?

My god! I say 'you know' WAY TO OFTEN. It's my like my AWESOME phase, and my 'way' phase!! But I didn't get over my awesome awesome phase. I love butchering LANGUAGE!!


Is it bad I'm considering buying The O.C S1? And Mighty Ducks boxset? I think I might have entered a new level of THE NEEED TO BUY BOXSETS. It has become quiet an addiction. 

Also the movie St Elmo's Fire - worth getting? Rob Lowe stars as a disgruntled husband and father!

I am really going to bed now, like really. REALLY. No Really.


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