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Five Reasons I Miss My Dad When He Is Away (gallivanting around Switzerland the wench)

1. My clothes don't get washed. I refuse to operate the washing machine, mum refuses to come up the stairs to collect my clothes bag and I always forget to place it downstairs. My dad always does it. Yes I AM completely spoiled and I DO realised that.

2.There is no one to listen to me real life fangirl. My dad always has sensible things to say when I shout things like 'SWEDEN!! YEAH! HERE I COME!!" and they make it more REAL. Plus when I babble he only laughs quietly.

3. There isn't as much tea. I love tea.

4. There are no donuts on Fridays. How am I meant to live unhealthy if I am not supplied the appropriate tools to give myself a heart attack.

5. I love him. IS IT SUNDAY YET?    

I will actually one day, soon, update WITHOUT a fake!meme. But today I am lazy! I have REAL LIFE NEWS though. Most of it directly relating to No. 2. some to more volunteer work, others to employment type things - THREE JOBS HERE I COME!

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 Five annoying habits that drive my family batshit insane. 

1. I leave half drunk cups of tea everywhere. Currently I have 3 on my desk, one in the downstairs bathroom, one in the lounge room and one on the kitchen table - these are all from today.

2. I can not fully close a draw. It's like a compulsion. 

3. I can not put my toothbrush away, I just leave it in the most unusual places and then it ends up on the floor. My mother has washed her hands of me. 

4. I fall down stairs instead of walking down them - it much quicker this way. 

5. Who needs a wardrobe when you have a banister? My stairs are covered in clothing - much to my fathers dismay - he thinks it's a fire and safety hazard. I just work around it.    
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Five AMAZING Mary Sue SPECTACULAR Qualities About Me That You Should All Envy. 

1. I can tame dragons with the beauty of my voice. Just bring me a dragon and I will prove it. 

2. My eyes change colour with my emotions - people can tell I've been crying because my eyes are pure blue! (the tears themselves also tend to give it away) 

3.  I am the best interpretive dancer that ever lived.

4. I have a Title. Rosie of the White Ankles. I share it with a character from The Illiad, mine are much better. 

5. I give birth to unicorns.  


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