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Two weeks ago I turned 20, which is weird and old to a girl who still feels 14 (I constantly stuck in year 8, frightening no?), but now I'm NO LONGER A TEENAGER. This is of course DEVASTATING - 'But I'm a TEENAGER!' is my second favourite excuse! Now it just can't be used - one of the great tragic moments of my life OF COURSE!

I also quit my  job - the hell hole is nearly just a bad memory - I have to stay on til they sort of my certificate III - which is a stupid excuse but I'm letting Ryan do it anyway because I'm a push over - Saturday is my last shift and now I'm fretting over my new job. Gah! Money. 

but! but! thats okay because I'm now making icons again, admittedily only for comms - which is all because of 

[personal profile] likegunfire who scares me with threatening messages in [profile] topicon, but I have made a most in from_time

marie antoinette, oceans eleven, drop dead fred, icon_crack entries



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I should not be allowed to have money. Really. Well not when I just go out to have lunch anyway. I got some shiny money for Christmas, enough to buy a couple of seasons of several TV shows. I could have brought the new Doctor Who boxset, it's so shiny and pretty. BUT NO. I went out to lunch with Carley and laybyed my MOST FAVOURITE PAIR OF SHOES IN MELBOURNE. There goes my DVD money. I don't know why I love them so much, I mean there are prettier shoes out there, and these aren't even the green ones! But EVERY TIME I SEE THEM I SWOON. They are witch shoes ON CRACK. With a ribbon. 

I am demented. but I have shoooooooes. 

and no doctor who. (this makes me saaaad.)

I also finally got around to posting the icons I made between new years and christmas.

alias s1, bsg s1, buffy s6. 


(at my icon journal)

and while we are on icons [profile] blessed_beast is doing a 'The Truth Icon meme Pt3' Go. Make love to your icon makers.  
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So silence has been the drug of choice these past couple of weeks, to be honest shit all is happening in my part of the world - melbourne stop being exciting when uni started again *sob sob* all my friends have LEFT me!! *cues violins* and here I thought deferring would be a BIG adventure, but except for the travelling part its been rather straight laced. Though that could be because I'm trying to hold down 4 (I sort of accidentally picked up another job) jobs - its not as fun as it sounds, though the money is good!

Speaking of money - or rather what I can buy with it, I've been on a bit of a amazon rampage - I got my debit card, so shiny! and have been ordering like MAD, Veronica Mars S2, Dead Like Me S2, House S2, Supernatural S1. It so the most shiniest thing to think about all my DVDs flying my way (soon they will be anyway).

I was most disappointed when I discovered the 10th doctor wasn't on dvd yet, well not on amazon usa anyway - its on the uk site but - OMG IT'S $111.50 AUST!!! ARE THEY WAY BEYOND INSANE!! WHAT THE HELL! I HATE THE POUND.

OH! WAIT! I did do something way beyond exciting on Tuesday night - I saw Snow Patrol in concert!! I got tickets for my birthday and dragged a willing [profile] xanya along. We had such the most AWESOME time in the world, the band was beyond fantastic - i was in a puddle of goo by the end - Gary seriously could just talk to me for hours and I would die happy. They played so well, and they played chocolate which is one of my favourite songs.  I unfortunately didn't steal one of my sisters camera's and therefore couldn't take any photos, such a bummer.

The support ban 'Starky' cracked me up, the lead singer was the funniest dancer I have ever seen - he looked like a cross between Elvis, a duck and a serial killer robot. And I mean that in the kindest way possible - we had a most amusing time watching them. 

Throughout the night I had to watch my back - [profile] xanya was plotting to kill me (she might be still doing so, if you haven't heard from me in a while just assume she has succeeded and I am dead. Oh! I so should make one of those 'If you listening to this it means I am deaded.' tapes!) because of several well placed comments about TWW - in  particular teasing her about Josh and Donna - and the love square the obviously happens later in S7 where Josh and Donna are split up because of the involvement of Toby and Will, because seriously folks even I can see (and this is not having seen any of the 7th season) that Donna and Will are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER and will have like 103 kids and live out west. Josh will be heartbroken and will have desperate rejection sex with Toby and then totally snub him in the morning which will lead to the world ending at the hands of a slighted Toby, along with his trusty sidekick CJ - they wear masks and have capes and everything! Meanwhile Jed dances around the oval office in a dress. 1 IN EVERY 40 MEN PEOPLE!!. 

See can't you totally see that happening?? (don't kill me, don't kill me)

So, ah yeah. I'm not insane. Quick! need a distraction

*runs around naked*

So, oh! icons! 

alias. doctor who. vm


at [profile] from_time
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So this week (besides turning 19) I started two new jobs and baked biscuits, the biscuits didn't turn out so welll (not enough flour in the dough) but the two new jobs were fun. Ones at a pub and I think it will be an okay time, more waitressing then pouring up alcholic beverages - my wrists are sore and my fingers brunt but its something new. The other one is at a creche - I did 9-5 on Thursday and my god small children can run fast and hit hard. I don't know how I'm going to handle 3 jobs, these next weeks are going to be FUN!! Be prepared for craziness. 

So yesterday I promised icons.


|at from_time|
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So in celebration of my new icon journal [livejournal.com profile] from_time  I've changed my layout at [livejournal.com profile] rosiew . again. Well actually that is a lie - I mean the reason not the act - I have actually changed my layout. I confuse myself sometimes. Anyhow I changed it because I was getting bored - short attention span and all that. Interesting no? So right.. what was I saying? New layout featuring some characters from Firefly, Buffy and Alias. Inspired by an icon I made yesterday (which by the way is in this set. I have no shame)

[livejournal.com profile] rosiew

And so then of course I had to go make icons out of the header. And then I kind of over did it - I had to force myself to stop. So they are mostly textless because I didn't want to draw attention away from the colours. Because I love the colours. Especially the orange.

love me.praise me.credit me in kewyords.


|worlds collide|

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Narnia, Pride and Prejudice, Supernatural, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Morrison

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords


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First and foremost [livejournal.com profile] call_me_daisy has some excellent Curve downloads here which you should all check out, curves are fun and scary and she makes them easy.  

Also I'm watching The West Wing and loving it... Where has this been all my life?!? I'm a bit more then half way through the second season and I can't get enough - the dialogue, the pretty and CJ make me melt. I'm making West Wing icons, I'm considering naming my first, second and third born are it - it might get a bit confusing at times but my love will have NO BOUNDS.

So speaking of icons....

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.  


alias )


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love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


buffy )

firefly )

alias )


tru calling )

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This actually happened a couple of days ago but anyway... New layout at [livejournal.com profile] rosiew. Done while I was meant to be studying for my Politics exam. It was really weird - I hardly ever use blues and greens in my photoshopping but I just suddenly found myself playing with the blue and BAM it become the principal colour. I also made some icons from the header of Kate Beckinsale.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.    


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Also [livejournal.com profile] xanya just informed me Veronica Mars will be showing on Channel 10 on Tuesdays in TWO WEEKS. Finally! Getting to see the show everyone hasn't shutup about - I'm very, very excited.

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Serenity, Firefly Text and Lost icons.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


Serenity )


Firefly )


Lost )

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I did my first Politics practice exam yesterday, I marked it myself and didn't go as well as I thought - but that’s why it a practice exam right? Politics frustrates me to the teeth - which is probably the only reason I'm not applying for any politics courses, even though the on at La Trobe sounds awesome.

Before I do anything else I must apologize in advance for my behavior over the next month and a half - my final school exams are coming up and I think I'm just about to go into panic mode - no actually I think I've already started. So I don't know how often I'll be around and when I am I think I might be a little insane. So in conclusion - fun times ahead!   

Anyhow now I'm exhausted so naturally it's icon time!

love me. praise me. credit me in keywords.

Actors: Seth Green. Jake Gyllenhaal. Bradley Cooper. Michael Vartan. Justin Theroux.  

Actresses: Nicole Kidman. Jessica Alba. Jennifer Morrison. Gwyneth Paltrow. Christina Ricci. Jennifer Garner. Mia Maestro


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I've had a very disturbing night - and not good, oh!-isn't-that-weird disturbing. Bad disturbing, nightmarish disturbing. I spent about half an hour talking to the police about a flasher who approached me on the way to school this evening. It makes me shudder thinking about it - so I made icons to clear my head.

Alias. Season One. Q&A.

love me. praise me.credit me in keywords.


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I got broke, I mean my internet got broken because of unpaid fees but I went for three days without hooking up and went through withdrawal. I'm such a nerd/geek/fangirl. *hugs computer tight*

I had my formal on Friday - good night, lots of dancing and pretty people, yuck food and sore feet. I got my hair curled and wore makeup for once, dressed in a slinky dress and wore heels. I took photos but I went with film so they're still getting developed, I've seen some digital ones Ness's dad took and they turned out great. Unfortunately I had to get up early the next day so not a too late night, but much fun was had.      

So I have icons. The Virgin Suicides. Only a few. 

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords. 


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Alias (3.10, 4.1+2) HP (PoA) and text icons.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


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love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


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Multi fandom icon post today, just bits and pieces - my attention span has been way out of range.

Alias. Bambi. Buffy. Dark Angel. Firefly. House.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


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Gosh!!! Its been confirmed, Alias season four starts Thursday the 28th of July at 9.30. I'm all excited and wish to celebrate - I was going to chuck together some Alias icons but I'm afraid my icon muse hasn't returned - I think its my new Photoshop, I got CS2 and am not that impressed - it just could be my copy but I'm really considering going back to my old one. Plus went back to school today and that always kills any creativity I have.

But I do have some icons - Narnia Trailer, I only have a couple.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


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love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.


buffy. six feet under. one Jen one  )


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