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Two weeks ago I turned 20, which is weird and old to a girl who still feels 14 (I constantly stuck in year 8, frightening no?), but now I'm NO LONGER A TEENAGER. This is of course DEVASTATING - 'But I'm a TEENAGER!' is my second favourite excuse! Now it just can't be used - one of the great tragic moments of my life OF COURSE!

I also quit my  job - the hell hole is nearly just a bad memory - I have to stay on til they sort of my certificate III - which is a stupid excuse but I'm letting Ryan do it anyway because I'm a push over - Saturday is my last shift and now I'm fretting over my new job. Gah! Money. 

but! but! thats okay because I'm now making icons again, admittedily only for comms - which is all because of 

[personal profile] likegunfire who scares me with threatening messages in [profile] topicon, but I have made a most in from_time

marie antoinette, oceans eleven, drop dead fred, icon_crack entries



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So my digestive systems lecturer (oh yes! we are up to the fun! parts of the body!) is a wanna be JK. Seriously... my next lecture is entitled 'The Liver and the Fate of the Absorbed Nutrients!'. Catchy no? I know I personally can't wait for the instalment! 

On Sunday I woke up as a smurf. Blue from the hips down, I thought I had badly bruised myself and just not, you know, have noticed. But no, the culprit ended up being a pair of raw demin jeans. So mundane and disappointing. Actually it's been a disappointing week really, I'm most upset at the lack of dramas - no wait, work was dramas! but work is always dramas! so that doesn't count. By the way - quit for me please? Thanks very much.

In honour of the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I give you a recipe: 
Mars Bar slice
Serves . Prep minutes
Cooking time
  • 3 Mars Bars
  • 90 gm of butter + 30 gms of butter for topping
  • 3 cups of rice bubbles
  • 200gm of milk chocolate
Melt the Mars Bars and butter together in a heat proof bowl over boiling water. Add the rice bubbles and stir until combined. Place in a greased slice pan. Melt the milk chocolate and 30 gm of butter in a heat proof bowl over boiling water stirring to keep them combined. Spread on top of the rice bubble mixture. Refrigerate until set. Then cut into serving sized slices.

Perfect comfort food. Start your week off the right way.


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