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I had a whole entry about leaving fandom - not me! I've got my lifetime membership and I'm never letting it go - but about how I didn't understand how people can just leave - I'm not talking those of us who just grow up and away from it, who have rl issues and need a break or whatever, but rather those who get in a fight or get offended and just go, delete their journal, blog, fanfiction - how can they let go? Do they regret it? I would be having serious separation issues - fanfication cravings, feeling faint from lack of pretty, going out of my mind having to keep ALL the fangirling inside - because, for me, fandom isn't about me making things (okay, sometimes I might get a little crazy and make icons) - because I'm a taker not a giver, but it's ALL about the talking - about sharing links and squee!ing over pretty and reading fanfic and leaving adjective filled notes and gushing about episodes and nodding seriously over episode reviews and shrieking with laughter of the sheer awesomeness of my more giving friends.

Fandom is so entwined in my life  I can't separate the two - I'm a fangirl, it's what I am, it's what I do. My emails, my phone conversations, my instant messaging, my messages, my computer time, dinner conversation, rl conversation - it's all ties in together, I nreathe my fandoms, my friends are fangirls - my FAMILY are fangirls/boys. 

So HOW do you just leave fandom?

I had a whole thing about comparing leaving fandom to leaving high school (because I am THAT original) and the differences between Leaving fandom (deleting journal, unsubscribing to newsletters and fannish alerts, clearing out your bookmarks and reorganizing your hard drive) and leaving fandom (basically - you're a lurker) 

It was awesome....   

...but it got all beleated so gah! stupid lj. 
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I'm alive. almost. and sore. very sore. I went back to kick boxing and omgican'tmove! getting around uni was the most painful experience.  

so! so! I have THE MOST EXCITING NEWS. for everyone who is me anyway. Firstly I got my first uni assignment back - 40/40!! I AM OF THE AWESOME! but really - computer based online discussion assignment? I would have been beyond mortified if I failed. I mean - what else do I do?! And then! And then! I did my pracitical assessment this morning, HUGE thing (it felt like) for nursing studies 1, and besides being terrfiying I also PASSED! 26/30. We lost points for not putting the breaks on the bed. BUT I DON'T FAIL AT LIFE. LOOK MY UNI SCORES TO PROVE THAT. Now I just have to pass my exams. BUT I HAVE CONQURED THE PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT MOUNTAIN. 

So go join

[profile] fandom_counts, though I'm sure you have done it already. All the wrongful deleting is giving me black cloads - this is not of the good for fandom.   

Did you see how I made those two paragraphs flow from each other. I AM A MASTER OF WRITING. I'm going back to bed now.


*tackles flist*

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So I've been thinking about 'shipping. 

In every Fangirl's life this happens now and again - this particular train of thought happened while hanging the clothes on the line, you know pairing socks and all. Anyhow I'm not a particularly big 'shipper, a fact that drives [profile] xanya insane, I mean I'm not anti-'shipper - I love my LoVe, Spuffy, Bangel, whatever you call Max/Alec and the rest of the ridiculas couple names. A lot of what I read, what I icon, what episodes I rewatch center around the involvement of a 'ship. So I'm not an Anti-'Shipper, but I'm not a Dedicated, One and Only 'Shipper either. Rather I'm a 'Shipper Whore. I don't discriminate on who I 'ship, I have no trouble whatsoever faithfully 'shipping Logan/Veronica, Lamb/Veronica, Weevil/Veronica, Lily/Veronica and Duncan/Veronica at the same time, I read both Angel/Buffy and Spike/Buffy happily,  some days I even prefer a Max/Logan over a Max/Alec. When I start a new fandom there is little I don't read - when I started Buffy I set myself a goal of going through EVERY BtVS fanfic page on FF.net (my god, my eyes BURN in remembrance) and I read nearly every pairing imaginable. I love 'Shipping - I'm just not very faithful  

BUT then again - while I read fic obsessively, and most of it has some kind of 'ship in it, most of it even centers around a couple and their relationship, in some fandoms I don't particularly need a 'ship  - in fact in some fandoms I avoid fic with a central relationship in it, it spoils my enjoyment of the show  - Supernatural, House, Firefly, Dead Like Me, M*A*S*H are just some examples. Also I (mostly) don't read fics that are just there for a quick couple fix, (except for PWP but their the exception to every rule), I don't read Fluff, at all. It bores me.    

So to sum that long winded statement up:

I'm a 'Shipper Whore who doesn't particularly enjoy 'shipping but can't get enough of it anyway. Most of the time.

Is this unusual? Am I a unique snowflake?

What I'm wondering is:

What makes you prefer a certain couple to another in a fandom? How do you choose your 'ships? In everyone of your fandoms is there something, a character trait, a certain reaction, that will make you look at the couple with interest? Do you always go for the same type of couple? The forever kind, the destructive kind, the love/hate kind, the obsessive kind. What makes you like what you like?

And another thing - what moment do you become a 'shipper? What makes you think 'That's it, that's the one I want to continue/work/happen?'.

Is it from the moment characters first interact on screen? or does it come gradually? Do you go into a fandom knowing which couple you want to 'ship?

And in relation to Fandom and 'Shipping:

Do you sometimes like a couple not from canon content but from fanon and fandom content influence (i.e fanfiction, icons, RPGs)? Can a Good Fic sway you? Does this make you enjoy the show, and the onscreen characters, more? How much does fandom influence your choices? Does PEER PRESSURE mean EVERYTHING in fandom?

PEOPLE! I'm in need of answers! I KNOW I'm being greedy and asking too many questions - but I'm curious. Whatcha think? TELL ME! 


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