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Three Weeks in Three Dot Points

  • Started my next round of clinicals at one of the BIG hospitals, I was lucky enough to be placed in the Liver Transplant and Gastro Unit ward. Had a awesome, interesting, sad and stressful time. I only fainted once! GO TEAM ROSE! And I did interesting things like doing an ECG (heart monitor! electrodes! yay!), pulling out a Centeral Vascular Catheter (which is in the NECK! and which tip rests in the HEART! And I pulled it out! Like not by accident - as a procedure! WHOO!), doing obs! (whoo! good times! so boring!) and pulling out other stuff. Also showering people. And writing notes. And eating a HUGE amount of chips.
  • Turned 21! Like Two weeks ago - and I did NOTHING! I mean I went out for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner the day before. But on the actual day I had a AM shift at the hospital which started at 7AM (which meant getting up at 5.40! IT WAS STILL DARK OUTSIDE! ) and when I got home my sister made me chicken soup and [profile] xanyacame over and we watched TV. OMG STOP THE PARTY ANIMAL THAT IS ME!. A week later I went out for dinner with the uni girls for pizza and drinks and then got lost in St Kilda (who knew!? It CAN be done!!) at 9.30 at night. GOOD TIMES!  

    I might have spent the week following my birthday watching the My Little Pony movies on youtube! BECAUSE I AM A ADULT AND I CAN. So there!
  • I got my exam results. I actually got them on my birthday (lovely present!) and I did well, I get to keep my HD average which makes me beyond happy! And it makes me getting into Malmo so much closer!  I hear next week which makes me HAPPY!EXCITED!SCARED! I will be going to Europe anyway (I head out 10th of Nov!) but doing a semster in Sweden would make me BEYOND HAPPY.

I am going to bed, so tired.

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I got over my first exam hurdle for this semester - a 10 minute blind practical assesmment worth 20% AND I did it without chucking up milk OR having a nose bleed OR having an asthma attack. I think that signals some celebration! And I got a rocking score - somewhere between 16/20 and 20/20 I think, I can't be sure until we get our marks back sometime in the next month.

My skill was Venipuncture - which is taking blood with a vacutainer and pure vein finding skill. And my assessor was my advisor for Sweden - so he already knew I was a HUGE nerd (though he doesn't particularly like me - miner draw back). 

I'm so relieved. Also now I can stress fully for the written exams! Wheee!!!
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I have been BANNED from panicking about the exams - even moderate anxiety has been denied. I'm also not allowed to say I'm not prepared or that I'm going to fail - on pain of death. Not my death though - so it's not really that much of a threat. 

My friends are mean. And also completely irritating. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND I CAN PANIC IF I WANT TO.

I have successfully convinced a lot of people that I know what I'm doing, I think I have fooled them with my over-confident stage show and my willingness to ask a LOT of questions. Also to read ahead in my lecture notes. I am a con-artist of nursing and combine that with my brilliant multichoicing ability I am going to FAIL (delicious taste of failure - its like being back in year 9 maths again). 

Makes no sense? HA! Thats what exams do to you! 

I HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM PANICKING. I'm a little annoyed - I mean I THRIVE on panic - its what makes me not sleep! WHOO! 

My mother sends me messages from Geneva to go to bed, she also gets my aunty to ring up and make sure I haven't had a breakdown from stress and she sends me emails that make me cry. 

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Exam stress and general grumpiness have started to set in! Some inpressive door slamming just happened, even after my sister brought me lollies (lollies that if I eat today will make me through up - Wednesday is 'Eat Junk Til You Feel Sick' Day - six hours of lectures straight in the same lecture thearte does that to a girl) but mum just rang and it cheered me up, after an almost cry to her on the phone. I miss having her around, I loved to rant and rave at her about my lecturers and my assignments - she understood and was always on my side (for other reasons as well obviously!). But yeah, that was nice - parents have been in Russia for the last couple of days and head off again somewhere else in a week! And when they are out of Geneva it is hard for them to ring home - so we haven't spoken to them in a while - I miss them so much!

I booked my ticket to Eruope for November! I leave on the 25th and if I don't go to Sweden I come home on the 30th, with a week stop over in New York! If I do go to Sweden I will most likely spend a month in America in August and be home for school start in September! I'm getting really excited about Sweden, and am wishing and hoping it gets approved - I just have to start my 500 word application statment, which for someone who knows what she wants is surpisingly hard to do without sounding like a hack. 

Okay Eddie is making Pad Thai which is making me happy! It smells yum! And I'm slightly more calm which is nice.  I'm going to eat.
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I had my first practical assessment for this semester this morning, despite getting a nosebleed, having an asthma attack and having to do circulatory and cardiovascular assessment I PASSED!!

Now I have 3 more exams left and I'm FINISHED!

[also I have become a REAL geek - shop at a video shop... ALL THE WAY]
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So this is me updating, wow! It’s a new thing I'm trying out. Does it make my bum look big? 

I have a reason! (I usually have a reason, but mostly they're stupid reasons like 'oh fuckyduck' or the ever so fantastic 'I'm boring') A reason for not updating that is. Not just a reason generally, though I'm sure I have lots of those. Whatever anyway. Yes. My reason for not Updating the LJ of Mine: I suck, no EXAMS suck. And I have exams, or had - I just have one, singular, now and thus = updating. Can you tell I have been sent insane by being forced to study? SERIOUSLY WHO WAS IT THAT DIDN'T TELL ME THAT UNI INVOLVED ACTUAL WORK, AND STUDYING? Because they will get a spanking. 

So, yes, exams. I had them - I do multichoice really fast, I'm an amazing multichoicer! I'm going to bottle my skill and sell it at a pound each (which equals about $2.40AUS) and will be RICH and FAMOUS the world over. 
A warning for the rushing hordes - my multichoice magic bottle of mystery does not guarantee correct answers. 

So because of exams (see above) I'm having exam like dreams – bye! fandom dreams! bye! - which are causing me great distress - there was one where I started a religious war in a exam lecture theatre because I broke into song (a crime all on its own) about the injustice of a religious faction planting a GRAPE tree (a symbol of some kind) in the middle of the exam lecture theatre. Then I campaigned that because my breakaway pop hit disturbed the exam everyone should get another half hour and I should get to resit it. Logic AHOY! 

The other dream consisted of me getting a score of 16/70 for mental health, and being devastated by it. 

So yes, exams, weird dreams and the resulted inability to make icons has been my life up til this point (breathing, eating and sleeping also included). Seriously - why isn't EVERYone like me? 

Okay. So, I'm still alive [check!], I am sitting exams [check!] and right now I'm avoiding doing my assignment [check!]. everything is in order. *takes a bow* GOODNIGHT!   
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I'm alive. almost. and sore. very sore. I went back to kick boxing and omgican'tmove! getting around uni was the most painful experience.  

so! so! I have THE MOST EXCITING NEWS. for everyone who is me anyway. Firstly I got my first uni assignment back - 40/40!! I AM OF THE AWESOME! but really - computer based online discussion assignment? I would have been beyond mortified if I failed. I mean - what else do I do?! And then! And then! I did my pracitical assessment this morning, HUGE thing (it felt like) for nursing studies 1, and besides being terrfiying I also PASSED! 26/30. We lost points for not putting the breaks on the bed. BUT I DON'T FAIL AT LIFE. LOOK MY UNI SCORES TO PROVE THAT. Now I just have to pass my exams. BUT I HAVE CONQURED THE PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT MOUNTAIN. 

So go join

[profile] fandom_counts, though I'm sure you have done it already. All the wrongful deleting is giving me black cloads - this is not of the good for fandom.   

Did you see how I made those two paragraphs flow from each other. I AM A MASTER OF WRITING. I'm going back to bed now.


*tackles flist*

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So yesterday was Monday and therefore results day, on Sunday night I didn't sleep hardly at all - and I kept having weird half awake dream/nightmares, like I thought there was a huge spider on the roof over my head - my roof is all angular so it seemed pretty close to my face and I screamed and jumped out of bed and turned on the light, and there was no spider. Freaked me majorly out - Lillie had to come up and check my bed covers before I could get back in.

Okay so my results, I did okay - more then okay I went well. I got an 81.95!

Which is an awesome score - especially because its a score that is partly done by ranking, in my subjects I went pretty well, by the way for anyone who doesn't live in Victoria subjects each get a score out of 50 - the average mean is in the high 30's I think (ETA: [profile] xanya just imformed me that the average score is in the early 30s. go me!), for most subjects, 50 is almost impossible to get and to get anything in the 40s in very hard. Then an overall mark, a score out of 99.95 (100 is impossible to get, 99.95 is the prefect score) is calculated by some complicated method but simplified basically the four highest subject marks get added together somehow and 10% of the lowest subject mark to make a score out of 99.95. Confused? To add more confusion they have a scaling system - in which the raw scores out of 50 are changed by either marks added or take away to even out the playing field supposedly. Hard subjects like languages, sciences and histories get marked up while subjects such as Art, get marked down because they're considered easy (which by the way is total bullshit, my arts subjecst were some of my hardest - they required the most work) Most of my subjects got marked down which is a pain - Politics and Classics were the only ones that got marked up.

English: 36.02 (my raw score was 37, stupid scaling!)
Classics: 38.49 (I am so proud of this mark, not only was it the best out of my subjects after scaling but I got higher then my sister did when she did Classics - which sounds horrible but I don't care!)
Studio Arts: 35.22 (I got a raw score of 39! Which is one of the reason I'm annoyed at the scaling system though I'm so excited with this because on all formal assesments I got A+'s!
Political Studies: 35.21 (this was such a hard exam so this is an awesome score!)
Arts: 33.54 (Stupid scaling brought this one down too, I orginally got a 36)

I got my letter marks too, which is awesome, and I got four A+'s, nine A's and two B+'s, I'm so very excited about those! Anyhow so thats my results. Highschool is now offically and emotionaly over! Now I just have to wait for Uni selection which happens in Janurary. But thats agggges away so I'm living stress free!

Now I have to go face my doom with a driving lesson.

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This actually happened a couple of days ago but anyway... New layout at [livejournal.com profile] rosiew. Done while I was meant to be studying for my Politics exam. It was really weird - I hardly ever use blues and greens in my photoshopping but I just suddenly found myself playing with the blue and BAM it become the principal colour. I also made some icons from the header of Kate Beckinsale.

love me.praise me.credit me in keywords.    


Read more... )

Also [livejournal.com profile] xanya just informed me Veronica Mars will be showing on Channel 10 on Tuesdays in TWO WEEKS. Finally! Getting to see the show everyone hasn't shutup about - I'm very, very excited.

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Life's crazy and insane, and joyful and sad, and horrible- why does everything come at once?

  • Yesterday I finished my last exam, politics, and it went okay. Actually most of my exams went really well, Classics was the hardest, I felt a lot of pressure to get it so perfect but I think I did okay. Photography and Art were better, I actually had FUN in my Art exam, which I'm so sure is against the universes rules or something but it was fun to do. So anyway I am now, officially not a High School student anymore. I'm not a student anymore - that is so unbelievably weird... Well I'm not a student anymore until January when I find out if I got into any Uni courses.
  • My great-gran died last Saturday; she just went downhill after we went to visit her the Tuesday before. I didn’t get to go to the funeral, I had a exam that day and my Politics one the day after, I didn't have enough time. That sounds horrible. It was a beautiful funeral though and lots of people turned up. The next day my mum and aunty went through her jewelry box - my sister picked out a glass-beaded necklace for me - its nice having something of hers.
  • My granddad is also sick - he went into emergency this morning because of on going health problems and was admitted this afternoon - They say its not very serious and he will be okay. please please please be okay.
  • I start my new job at Boost next week; I have to go to smoothie school before I start though - to learn all the juice making moves. Julia also has been offered a job there, I hope she takes it... it will be awesome to work with her.
  • I also start getting immunization injections next week for Kenya - Oh the fun I will have with those! I hate needles... saids the girl who hopes to be a nurse.
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Life is fucked up at the moment and it's not getting any better. I want to scream - but I won't because it's too damn hot, summer weather has started and is beating down with a vengence.

Good luck to end of year exam people, especially [livejournal.com profile] xanya and [profile] raskol_nikov, and people starting NaNoWrMo - you can do it! *is all cheerleady*

The new 'My LJ' is weird.

I hate waiting for exams to start. I hate waiting full stop.
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my great-gran is very, very sick, they don't believe she'll survive till the end of november - she's too old, too sick for them to perform the surgery she needs. mum is going up to sale tomorrow to see her. i don't know what to feel, what to say, what to do, i don't want her to suffer, i don't want her to die. but she's gone already.

i did my first exam today, english this morning for three hours, i think i did okay - english is over with forever now, high school is almost over forever - 15 days till my last exam.

i'm going to lose myself in a movie.    

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I've been having weird exam failing dreams, and one were my art teacher was trying to kill me. Exams are not effecting me, nope not at all. so yes. exams. start on Friday - English, three hours of constant writing. its going to be so much FUN!

I've been studying, well mostly, sorta - I got distracted by rewatching Doctor Who on Sunday, I was kinda doing revising for Politics - writing out big Politics revision posters in coloured pens. My hands are aching from writing, my head hurts from to much thinking and the boys on Numb3rs are just so pretty.

I've been busy while listening to Hamlet (best CD set I own! I love Hamlet *fangirls*) - making wallpapers. Anything that combines studying and photoshop is the best time spent ever.

One of Amber Tamblyn from Joan Of Arcadia for [livejournal.com profile] icon_crack, another House/Cuddy/Wilson and the last one Ewan McGregor.

love me.praise me



all those Red Alerts, all that dancing. )

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My nose is running and my eyes are watering and I feel like crap - so I'm going up to my granddads to spend a couple of days hopefully getting some early nights and doing some relaxing.... which means homework really - so not that relaxing actually. I have so much reading to get done - mostly in the English and Classics areas but also some memoriesing of my old essays. Fun.  The rest of the horde are coming up to, minus the big sister who has many getting drunk plans she can't afford to cancel.

I'm coming back Wednesday because Thursday Serenity comes out (Ican'tbreatheI'msoexcited) and I have to prepare myself for much fangirling - t-shirts must be printed on, squeeling must be done and episodes must be watched again.   


So anyone want to rec me some good fic?  I'm in the mood for some Firefly - any pairing, any genre - I don't care I just want to read some pretties.



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