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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Great Thursday!

Mine is unfortunately not a white Christmas, but still! There is snow on the alps!

Oh and apparently Melbourne misses out on Santa - and therefore Christmas, the only Australia city that Santa decided not to visit (Townsville got Santa! So did Mackay!) - according to NORAD. HAHA! (Saying that Geneve will miss out as well most likely!)
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Happy New Year!! If it's already came or just about to happen, I hope you have/had an AWESOME and BRILLIANT time, you see/hear from the people you love and you start the new year off just the way you want to. This year is going to be FANTASTIC!! (I'm using positive reenforcement to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!) and you have EXCITING AND SHINY things happen. Most of all I wish you good TV. because taht is what I want. A Fangirl to the END!! 

Also MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Belated, I know. I'm lazy like that. 

So on a less enforced celebration note and on a more fangirlish one. OMG!! YOU SHOULD SEE ALL THE SHINY I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!! I mean I'm drowning in DVD's - which is BEYOND THE AWESOME!! M*A*S*H, and Battlestar Galactica and The West Wing S5, Grey's  Anatomy S2!!  Thing of all the PRETTY. I think I'm overloading!! And I still have S5 of Alias to watch. And all before I leave for India.

SPEAKING OF INDIA. My god I leave in 3 weeks!! Thats SO insane!! I'm dreaming of the pretty - think of the food! and the shopping! and the history! I can't wait to try out my (shiny) new digital camera. 

Hello new year. Nice to meet you.

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Christmas Cards! Yes, this year I've decided to join the holiday spirit and do Christmas Cards, or Holiday Cards if you don't do Christmas. Actually I don't really DO Christmas, not the spiritual side, I do the food, the family and the presents side though. Opps! getting sidetracked.

So if you would like a card, Christmas or otherwise, leave your address in a comment, all comments are screened and I'll get with the carding. Though if you don't live on the Big Rock, otherwise known as Australia, it’s likely that your cards will arrive a little early - because cards’ arriving late is so not cool.

In other exciting news Summer Programming has been released. Veronica Mars most likely starts in early Dec. We might be getting back Smallville, but Summerland *gag* could be shown instead and NCIS is back. I'm already loving summer.

Also an article: (Ten picks up some discards from Nine). It mentions Supernatural, Ten has picked up Supernatural. I think we might be getting Supernatural here. *is in shock* I love Ch10. (no not really, okay sometimes. we have a difficult relationship) 

Also unfortunately Big Brother is a go-ahead for next year, will the reality insanity ever end?


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