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Today is a wonderful day! Today is a day of celebration! Today my darling! my most favourite and most significant bad influence! my partner in all non jailable crimes

[profile] julester1 is having a birthday, because IS her birthday! IT'S LIKE MAGIC!!

Jules you are my idol - well more big siste/donna moss of my fandom life - because idols are distant (and SING really boring songs and are scary) and you can't give idols TACKLEHUGS! But you aren't distant - you are the friendliest, most fantastic person I know and also I like giving you tacklehugs! because you are AWESOME! 

I hope your day is fantastic and wonderful and you have a BRILLIANT time - I am watching Gilmore Girls in your honour!!! - and you get lots of love from lots of people! I wish you the best of everything and I hope we get to catch up soon - no I DEMAND IT!!!!

have a fantastic day (and just for today I will admit I am SOMETIMES the bad infleuce!) and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you. *kissyfaces*


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Two weeks ago I turned 20, which is weird and old to a girl who still feels 14 (I constantly stuck in year 8, frightening no?), but now I'm NO LONGER A TEENAGER. This is of course DEVASTATING - 'But I'm a TEENAGER!' is my second favourite excuse! Now it just can't be used - one of the great tragic moments of my life OF COURSE!

I also quit my  job - the hell hole is nearly just a bad memory - I have to stay on til they sort of my certificate III - which is a stupid excuse but I'm letting Ryan do it anyway because I'm a push over - Saturday is my last shift and now I'm fretting over my new job. Gah! Money. 

but! but! thats okay because I'm now making icons again, admittedily only for comms - which is all because of 

[personal profile] likegunfire who scares me with threatening messages in [profile] topicon, but I have made a most in from_time

marie antoinette, oceans eleven, drop dead fred, icon_crack entries




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