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*is banging head against wall*

I'm in the middle of my fifth edit of a really, really stupid medical surgical assignment. Seriously the word limit is the most stupid thing, I can't believe they expect us to answer the four fairly difficult questions in under 2500 words total - each question could easily be a thousand words. I still have about 300 words to cut, after cutting 200 last edit - I need to stop being so freaking long winded, I should be all surly and curt in my assignments. Or stop caring.

*is frustrated*

Spoke to Lil Sis yesterday, makes me miss her like a crazy thing - she is (dorkly) my best friend, and without her hear I feel like I'm bottling everything up - also she lets me fangirl at her, and now I can't which means I end up telling my Big Sis stupid fandom stuff and she rolls her eyes and makes me feel like I'm 5.  

My Big Sis and Ed just went out for dinner - which means I'm alone, again. yipee. Seriously I would not survive living by myself - I get all grumpy when there is no one for me to cook for, and no one to eat with - especially when I expected there to be. Now I don't even feel like dinner, I think I'll have crumpet and make double choclate cookies. 

*goes off to edit*  

One day I will talk about fandom again.

EDIT: Assignment now on 2544 words - including the questions! WHOO! Now I have to decide if I can get away with that.

EDIT TWO: triple chocolate cookies made, assignment still sitting on 2544, went to see a friend instead of doing another edit. Might have had Maccas for dinner. Maybe.
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