Apr. 1st, 2008

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I have a new fandom coming on! 

[profile] xanya lent me her 30 Rock dvds (I had a sudden urge to watch it Sunday morning, it was just there when I woke up!) and I spent all yesterday and most of today watching it. At first I admit, I was taken - but my twinness does have an excellent taste in tv shows (except for seinfeld, brain fart?) so I persisted and thank chocolate I did because I AM SO IN LOVE! Seriously - Tina! And Jack! And there EPIC love! and Kennith! And Tracy! And I'm just in love. 

(Seriously thats all I can come up with at the moment because while 30 Rock, I was multitasking doing tags for [community profile] crack_van (which is YAY!) which was very soothing, but also leaves me feeling like my brain might be dribbling out my ears. I think I did over 400, and I have an urge to do more. This might be a slight addiction. It just all looks so NEAT! and easily accessable! And look at all the fics I haven't read!)

Okay, I might be heading off to bed. Or I might be reading 30 Rock fanfiction. Maybe.  


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(stolen from [profile] _enharmonic)
Google your name in quotes with the word 'is' (ex. "kim is") and post your 10 favorite results. 

1. Rose is not designed for a model girl
2. Rose is taking a quick break from the high life in New York to star in one of Australia's biggest horse-racing carnivals.
3. Rose is feeling all of this.
4. Rose is the exclamation point on a deep, talented, experienced team
5. Rose is the "It" boy among a new wave of entrepreneurs
6. Rose is the Albigen System founder
7. Rose is better overall right now (he gets better every game).
8. Rose is a lot more of an influence than you probably ever thought.
9. Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
10. What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?


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